Use the Tony Bianco Promo Code on Boots for a Screaming Bargain with Promotion Stack

Grab the 30% off Tony Bianco promo code on boots which has just been released and can also be used on existing sale items. Looking through their list of boots on sale, this makes for some interesting bargain hunting. Sorting from lowest to highest price, the first 3 pairs were marked down to just $40 showing a discount of between 73% - 83% off their original list prices.


These boots were as follows:

Roach White Carpetto for $40 (originally $189.95, available in sizes 5 - 10 excluding 8.5 and 9)


Roach White Carpetto Boots


Magpie Sand Cow Suede for $40 (originally $149.95, available in sizes 7.5, 8, 8.5, 10)


Magpipe Sand Cow Suede boots - Tony Bianco


Tremor Black for $40 (originally $239.95, only available in sizes 6-7)

Tremor Black Boots - Tony Bianco


By applying the 30% off Tony Bianco promo code the price on each drops to just $28 a pair. On this order value you'll also get shipping for free as their threshold on purchases is for spends of $80 or more. So ultimately what you're looking at with this promotion stack is paying $84 for three pairs of boots which originally would have set you back a whopping $579.85 at RRP. In reality, the true market value of those shoes is probably somewhere in the middle of that RRP figure, but it still indicates that the deal price here for the 3 pairs of boots when stacking sale prices, plus the promo code, plus free shipping, offers great value.

There is plenty more to choose from too with a total of 112 items showing as on sale, 22 of which are marked down to $60. An offer like this from Tony Bianco with a promo code providing as much as an extra 30% off is likely to cause stocks of these boots to sell out pretty quickly. So not a good idea to wait around.

Deal is valid until August 25th 2013.


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