Toddler Feeding Range From $7 @ Mumgo

There's a great Toddler Feeding Range available at Mumgo today, with prices starting at $7. 

I always think you should be able to rent toddler feeding and drinking equipment, like you would toys at a toy library, because you can spend a fortune on the perfect kit, then find it simply doesn't work with your particular little one. I have a cupboard full of sippy cups my first born child didn't get on with. Fortunately her sister seems less fussy and we're able to use a lot of it now, but still, it would have been a huge waste of money otherwise. So being able to get really nice stuff at a reduced price is a bonus! And with any luck, you'll get great use out of it.

Mumgo have  three options of two pack silicone feeding sets for $21.98, which they reckon is 45% off the RRP, although I've seen similar for around $16. Tommee Tippee randomly selected two bowls with cutlery - in otherwords you get what they send you, you can't pick for yourself - are selling for $14.10. Bella's Little Ones have them on sale right now for $9.56 each, so that's a few dollars off there.

They also have gorgeous Royal Doulton gift sets, teething rattles and bigger items, like highchairs from $69. There are also two options for the highly acclaimed Stokke baby chairs from $245 - they go for over $300 on other sites.



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