Things to Consider When Buying a New Fridge During Appliances Online's Legendary Birthday Sale

When it comes to buying a new fridge there are hundreds of models to chose from, and when looking at all the features and trying to compare one to another, things can quickly become overwhelming for many. In this guide I’ll try to give you some tips and advice on what to look for and to consider when selecting the perfect model to suit your needs and budget. Hopefully you'll then be able to put this advice to good use during Appliance Online's Legendary Birthday Sale now on.


You can often save hundreds on a fridge using a combination of coupon codes, grabbing one of the deals shared by a Buckscooper, or claiming cashback offers from manufacturers. Getting the timing just right to stack all of these together though is the hard part. Good thing then that Buckscoop's deal hunters are always on the lookout for these opportunities.


Free delivery and removal at Appliances OnlineThe first thing I want to highlight is the importance of taking delivery of the new fridge and removal of your old one into account when doing your price comparisons online. A fridge is one of the biggest and bulkiest items that most stores have available for delivery, not to mention that getting rid of your old fridge takes more than simply dumping it outside the front door. These service charges, depending on the area you live in, start from at least $40 and go all the way up to the hundreds of dollars at some stores. At Buckscoop we regularly see deals being posted about offers at Appliances Online as they are one of the few stores who offer free delivery and removal services with each appliance you that purchase from their site.


Actually, Appliances Online is running their “Legendary Birthday Sale” at the moment, where you can save up to 30% off market prices on some of the fridges. Before browsing through the categories though, consider the available space in your kitchen and decide whether you want to have a top mount, bottom mount, side by side or a French door distribution fridge. Each have their pros and cons, but generally it goes as follows:


Fridge-freezer combinations where the freezer is on the top are considered to be old-style models and are typically cheaper than bottom mount fridges. Buckscoop's picks for a top mount fridge would be the 341L Samsung fridge (SR340MW), which would cost you $634 (including a discount of $5 with a current Appliances Online coupon) and is selling for over $740 at the moment elsewhere. If you're looking for a slightly bigger, bottom mount fridge, the 450L Samsung SRL449EW seems like a good buy for $1013, giving you a savings of over $100 compared to current market prices.

Another option, if you do have the space, are side by side models, which tend to be better equipped and slightly more popular thanks to easier access to both compartments and their large capacity. Here's a deal on a 700L Electrolux fridge, on which you could save almost $1000 if you were to buy it during the Legendary Birthday Sale at Appliances Online.

And at last, French door models combine a side by side fridge with a wide open space for storing your food with a drawer style freezer unit at the bottom. These offer the most advanced features and are suitable for those who have plenty of space and money to spend. Samsung's SRF680CDLS is one of the more basic French door models with a 253L fridge compartment with a 220L capacity drawer which serves as a freezer. It's selling for over $3000 at The Good Guys, Masters and Bing Lee including delivery and removal, but you can get it for $2684 at Appliances Online.

Samsung SR340MW

Samsung SRL449EWElectrolux ESE7007BFSamsung SRF680CDLSFYI- The advertised capacity of each model is usually measured with all shelves and extras taken out, which in some cases can differ by 20% compared to real storage space.


You’ll be amazed what fridges these days have to offer besides storing your food. Refrigerators have come a long way since including egg holders and butter bins, but to get the most out of functionality it’s important to differentiate between features worth investing in and unnecessary extras.


Choosing the right sized fridge with features protecting your wallet by lowering maintenance costs (such as open door alarms, inverter technology and adjustable defrost) are as important as going for a model with a higher energy star rating. Especially when you consider that a fridge generally uses more electricity than any other home appliance. Think about it this way, even though every additional star rating is said to save you an extra 23% on running costs, this could easily get offset if you're somebody (or have kids) who constantly forgets to close the fridge properly - particularly during the summer time.


Smart fridgesCategorising other features as “useful” depends on your eating habits. If you use lots of fresh vegetables and fruits then sectional climate control, moist fresh and vacuum compartments might be good reasons to select a specific model. While social drinkers would most likely appreciate the built-in wine rack, ice-maker and a blast chiller as their choice of additions to the usual extras. In fact, these days there are features to please every kind of person out there; frost guard is designed to eliminate freezer burns, anti-bacterial coating/deodorisers/spill-proof shelves are available to please the “tidy bunch”, while gadget freaks with infinite budgets can even buy a fridge “whom” interacts by sending text messages, suggests dinner options and comes with onboard entertainment features powered by the home’s wifi network.



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