The Top Trending Lego Sets to Buy for Kids This Christmas

Lego sets have been a popular Christmas present for kids over the past 50 years. With various sets targeted at different age groups, not to mention the huge choice available in each, the buying process can often become a challenging task for parents. Finding a bargain on a Lego set not only makes parents feel good about having saved some money, but it's also satisfying knowing that they're giving their child a gift offering a creative, colourful and educational challenge too. If you are struggling for ideas on what to buy for a particular little individual, below you'll find some of the most popular Lego sets available at the moment.

The Lego Company have endorsed numerous popular fictional figures, such as the Marvel series and Jurassic Park. This comes in handy when you happen to be buying for somebody else's child who you may not be 100% clear on in terms of what they like. Find out from their parents which movie character they're interested in and then tailor your purchase this way instead. Keeping reading to find out which are the top trending Lego sets up for sale this Christmas.


Bargain Lego Presents ($5 - $20)

Mixels’ Munchos - Berp

Mixels’ Munchos Berp Lego Christmas present

Price: $5.99

Age: 6+

Berp is a walking food blender and you may recognise him from the Munchos tribe. Lego’s latest strategy to conquer the kids market has been to begin producing toys that represent the cartoons found on Cartoon Network and other kids TV programs.


  • 68 pieces
  • Opening mouth
  • 4 rotating arms to feed his mouth
  • 1/3 Munchos collectibles
  • Mixels has a Mixels Rush mobile app game
  • 8cm tall


Lego Dimension Fun Packs

Lego Dimensions Fun packs Christmas present bargain

Price: $20

Age: 7-14

There are a variety of Lego Dimension fun packs to choose from, which make things easier when deciding which one to buy. Choose from Lord of the Rings, DC comics, Simpsons, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future and range of others. Lego are always expanding this collection too. Considered as a starter pack for kids, these products are expandable so they can be used to add onto other sets as the kid grows in the future.


  • Bad Cop mini-figure
  • Police car


Lego Creator – Super Soarer

Lego Creator Super Soarer lego deal christmas present

Price: $15.99

Age: 6 – 12

This 3-in-1 Super Soarer allows any kid to reach supersonic speeds in their own jet. This set is great for any child with a fascination with airplanes, because it comes with large air intakes, navigation lights and big engines. The wings are adjustable and after the plane has arrived at its destination, it can be re-built into two other types of planes a prop-plane and a fighter jet.


  • 100 pieces
  • 3-in-1 set that builds a jet, prop-plane and fighter jet
  • Twin cockpit, 2 engines and movable wings



Middle Ground ($60 - $120)

Lego Ideas – Wall-E

Wall-E Lego Ideas Christmas present bargain

Price: $69.99

Age: 12+

This is a relatively large 18cm tall Disney Lego robot from the film Wall-E. The last robot left on earth captured the hearts and minds of many Pixar Animation film lovers. Lego claim to have taken 10 years to perfect this particular Lego character to even include an adjustable neck, head and arms. To take it one step further, Lego have even designed moving tracks so that Wall-E can roll around.


  • 676 pieces
  • Adjustable neck, head and arms
  • Rolling tracks
  • Open and close his trunk
  • Includes the ‘last plant on earth’ from the film


Lego Ideas – Doctor Who

Lego Ideas Doctor Who Lego set kids Christmas present

Price: $79.99

Age: 10+

The Doctor Who series can now be built into life in the form of Lego characters with this set. Build your own version of the iconic Tardis and role-play as Doctor Who within his time travelling adventures. The Doctor Who Tardis Lego set includes the console room that houses all of the Doctor´s flight controls, along with his nemeses, the Daleks.


  • 623 pieces
  • The eleventh and twelfth doctor mini-figures
  • Clara Oswald mini-figure
  • Weeping angel mini-figure
  • 2 Dalek mini-figures
  • Detachable interior flight control panel
  • 11cm tall Tardis
  • 14cm tall Console room


Lego Classic – Large Creative Box

Lego Classic Large Creative box with 39 different colours

Price: $89.99

Age: 4 – 99

This large and colourful Lego set includes over 1,500 Lego pieces that can be used to create a variety of different Lego creations, from tractors and buildings to musical instruments and elephants. The Lego bricks come in 39 different colours making the building options endless, limited only by your imagination. The set also includes some building ideas to get the family started. Build anything from a small ant to a model scale construction project.


  • 1,500 pieces
  • 39 different colours
  • Special pieces: eyes, 2 windows, 3 window frames, 3 doors, 3 door frames 16 tires and 14 wheel rims
  • Brick separator
  • Ideal for adding to any Lego set


Lego Jurassic Park – T. Rex Tracker

Jurassic Park Lego set T. Rex tracker Christmas present

Price: $119.99

Age: 7 – 12

This Jurassic Park themed Lego box set is the ideal play present for any kid who loves dinosaurs and wants the chance to hunt their own T. Rex. The set simulates the idea that a giant T. Rex has escaped its enclosure and must be captured before it harms any innocent people. Your mission is to team up with the ACU trooper to pursue and capture the beast on a motorcycle and a dino-cage truck equipped with a harpoon gun.


  • 520 pieces
  • 3 x mini-figures: ACU trooper, Hoskins and a vet
  • T. Rex tracker, cockpit, rubber tires, dinosaur cage and harpoon gun
  • T. Rex dinosaur: 15 cm tall
  • Motorbike: 3cm tall
  • Vet’s shock rod and trooper’s tranquiliser gun
  • Vet’s torch with flame and Hoskin’s briefcase



Expensive ($120 +)

Lego City – Spaceport

Lego City Spaceport Christmas deal

Price: $129.99

Age: 6 – 12

This is a full Lego space set which allows the child to build a large space shuttle that includes a detachable fuel tank and jet boosters. This launch set includes a countdown timer to launch the rocket along with a scientist, 2 service personnel and 2 astronauts.


  • 586 pieces
  • 5 mini-figures: 1 scientist, 2 service personnel and 2 astronauts
  • 1 Space shuttle, 1 Launchpad, 1 satellite, 1 countdown timer, 1 antenna and 1 service vehicle
  • Space shuttle: 1 detachable fuel tank, 2 detachable rocket boosters, opening cargo bay and foldout loading arm
  • Accessories: 2 helmets, 1 mug and 1 wrench
  • Space shuttle: 12cm tall
  • Fuel tank: 4cm tall
  • Rocket booster: 26cm tall
  • Launch pad: 11cm tall
  • Service car: 6cm tall


Lego Star Wars – Millennium Falcon

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Christmas present

Price: $249.99

Age: 9 – 14

The most iconic star ship for any Star Wars fan, the Millennium Falcon returns in its latest edition of the Star Wars saga: The Force Awakens. This is an upgrade from the previous models available in Lego form, including a more detailed and streamlined design, detachable cockpit, rotating top laser turrets, dual spring-loaded shooters, ramp and entrance hatch. Open up the Millennium Falcon to reveal the hyperdrive control panel, a secret compartment, extra boxes and cables and storage areas for spring-loaded ammunition. Along with all of these features the set also includes the iconic Hans Solo, Chewbacca, Rey, Finn, Tasu Leech, Kanjiklub gang member and BB-8 droid mini-figures-


  • 1,329 pieces
  • 6 mini-figures
  • Two rotating gun turrets and spring-loaded shooters
  • Detachable cockpit and entrance ramp
  • Hyperdrive control panel, secret compartment, extra cables and boxes
  • Millennium Falcon: 14cm tall, 47cm long and 32cm wide

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