The Shoppers Guide to Saving Money and Getting Better Value from Supermarkets

This post will focus on helping you get the best value for money from your supermarket shopping. Whether you are a daily, weekly or monthly shopper, there will be plenty of tips in here to help you reduce your expenditure and increase your yield. 

Most shopping trips will see a half full trolley costing over $150 these days. So in light of rising prices and the fact that I'm always on the hunt for better value for money, I have recently been inspired by suggestions made on sources such as MSN money and other similar alternatives regarding ways to save on grocery bills. These suggestions will offer you options within your same product and food groups, however with a different purchasing technique to fight that all important price battle. Be sure to also check out our weekly food, booze & groceries deals to increase your money saving efforts.



Saving money on Bulk BaconA great way to save on bacon is to buy in bulk. The trick is to save a considerable amount by buying in bulk and freeze what you wont use immediately. Bacon comes in thin strips which means it defrosts quickly and isn’t affected by the defrosting process either, like some other meats. If you happen to live with a bunch of guys and really enjoy your Saturday fry-ups, check out your local meal wholesalers and never run out of bacon again.


Rump Steak

Save Money by Eating less Rump SteakA number of men would argue that if meat is not involved its not a real meal. But with big price increases in recent times, its quite difficult to keep paying out large amounts of money on meat. MSM money has suggested to try going meatless 2/3 nights per week and as a result you will not only be eating healthier, but the sacrifice will also save you around $624 annually within a family of four. You should also try investing in a good vegetarian cookbook, because gone are the days of plain spinach and lentil dishes.



Buy Potatoes in Bulk to save moneyOriginally hitting the world stage during the Irish potato famine, these little spuds have become a very large part of our diet. There are a vast number of recipes which include potatoes and if you or your family cook a lot with them, consider buying these in bulk. Potatoes do not spoil quickly so, if stored in a cool dark place, they can keep for months. Knowing this, consider buying a 20 kilo bag and see how much you save when compared to buying small 1KG bags.


Whole Milk

Try to reduce your consumption of MilkMilk has been a supporting pillar in our diets across the globe, but increasing prices mean its heading towards becoming more of a luxury. As much as you may have become accustomed to milk in your diet, its not considered healthy for us past the age of 25. If what has just been written has offended you, then in true saving fashion, try incorporating water or powdered alternatives instead to begin with. Otherwise, why not try reducing your consumption of milk. Could you perhaps do with out milk in your tea, in your morning porridge or milk with you scones? Lastly, you can also try reducing milk in your overall diet too by avoiding other dairy products. Your health will thank you afterwards.


Vegetable Oil

Vegetable OilThe supermarkets provide hundreds of options of olive oil and we all know we love that lovely organic extra extra extra virgin oil. But frankly, increasing prices have meant that most peoples budgets simply cant afford it. So my tip is to use lower grade vegetable oil, but of course if appearances must be maintained, simply funnel it into your old extra virgin bottle. I would be surprised if anybody notices, feel free to let me know if they do in the comments below.



Buy eggs locallyTry a different tact when you go shopping for eggs next time by visiting your local grocers. You can guarantee the eggs have just been laid, they are organic and you will also be supporting local business. You may very well end up scoring some brilliant deals also by going there.



OatsEssentially oats are oats in my opinion, but there is nothing better than starting the morning with a healthy bowl of them. With increasing prices across the spectrum though, it wont hurt exploring some of the store brand options available. Why not try livening up your store brand oats with some honey as you ease into your new taste.


Sweets and Savouries

ChocolatesFinally when you are paying for your items, if you feel like having a cheat day and nibbling on your favourite chocolate bar whilst you walk to the car, refrain from the counter options. The single products you can usually buy at the counter are often available in a bulk pack of four or six if you go to the relevant section. For example, that single bag of crisps or chocolate bar is usually half the price a bulk pack of 4.


If you have found any of these tips useful or have some of your own money saving tactics to tackle the supermarket giants, please let us know in the comments section below.

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