The Nuts and Bolts Behind Bing Lee's "Free 1 Year Supply of Omo" Offer

During a recent price comparison I was doing on a washing machine (the Bosch WAP24160AU 7kg front load washer) I saw Bing Lee running a promo where they were including a free 1 year supply of Omo washing powder. This was valid when buying one of these washer models. As a bargain hunter, the distinct lack of information around the finer details of this promo got me interested so I contacted their support staff who filled in a few more of the gaps.

What I was trying to better understand was whether or not I was actually getting good value for money with this free one year supply. Of course this value will come down to a number of factors for each individual household including things like how many washes you perform in a week, whether you have a preference for a particular type of washing powder (and its cost), how dirty your clothes are during an average wash (thus requiring a higher concentrate of powder) etc.

However, to keep things simple what I've done below is to figure out the approximate monetary value of this quantity of Omo. Hopefully that will help readers decide whether it's best to buy a washer from Bing Lee compared to what other retailers are charging for the same model elsewhere.


Terms & Conditions of Bing Lee's Omo promotion:

Firstly, here are some of the most pertinent points around this promotion:

The one year supply of Omo washing powder is based upon the consumption of 5 washes per week using the recommended dose (1 scoop – 44 grams) of washing powder per wash. Based on RRP of $11.57 per 1kg carton of Omo Top or Front Load laundry powder. Omo washing powder will be supplied in 12x 1 kilogram packs. Omo Top Loader or Front Loader washing powder will be supplied upon the purchase of the appropriate washing machine.


How much would this 1 year supply of Omo actually cost me?

Based on the above terms, I should be able to get approximately 22 scoops/washes out of a 1kg pack if each scoop size is 44 grams. With that in mind, I wanted to find out how much I'd be paying for a 1kg pack of Omo at the major supermarkets like Coles, Woolies etc. What was immediately evident though is that it didn't seem possible to find a 1kg pack which gives you the equivalent of 22 washes. Most 1kg packs being sold in supermarkets appear to be the "Omo Small & Mighty" top/front loader packs which are a concentrate formula delivering double the number of washes per 1kg.

So instead, to determine the monetary value I would actually be getting for my years supply of Omo, what I needed to do was calculate how much 22 washes would cost me. Turns out that the average market price of these Small & Mighty packs is around $13/kg - special promotions and discounts aside. And since they give me double the amount of washes, this implies that I'd be paying about $6.50 per 22 washes.

As Bing Lee's 1 year supply of Omo consists of 12 x 1kg packs, I would thus be saving the equivalent of $78 (12 x $6.50). This is the amount I could then factor into my price comparisons when looking at what other retailers were charging for washers.


How did that amount affect the deal on the Bosch washer?

Bing Lee had the 7kg Bosch WAP24160AU front load washer listed for $902, which included delivery. The Good Guys are charging $929 with shipping for it while over at Appliances Online it would cost you $947. It's worth pointing out though that the price at Appliances Online includes the removal of your old washer and installation of the new one, which The Good Guys are charging an extra $49 for.

The best offer online for this Bosch washer that I could find was from E&S Trading at a total of $849 including shipping, although it appears to exclude the removal and installations services mentioned above. Still, had I not known about Bing Lee's free 1 year supply of Omo, I wouldn't have given them a second a look and instead opted for E&S Trading's deal. However, if you take the $78 saving on the washing powder into consideration, this could turn out to be a deal-clincher for many I suspect.


More of Bing Lee's T&C's on this promo:

Omo washing powder is not transferable and is not for resale purposes. The offer is not redeemable for cash. Promotion is valid until 29 May 2014, or until washing machines and/or Omo washing powder lasts. This offer is not available at the Bing Lee Warehouse Clearance Centre, Asko, Miele and Fisher & Paykel WL70T60CW2, WL80T65CW2 and WL1068P1 washing machines.

12x Omo Small & Mighty Washing Detergent 875ml are offered on Fisher & Paykel WL70T60CW2,WL80T65CW2, WL1068P1 washing machines, via redemption from Fisher & Paykel. The promoter is Bing Lee Electrics Pty Limited. ABN 61 000 733 488. Level 1, 702 Woodville Rd, Old Guildford NSW 2161.

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