The Little Wonder Bib $12 @ Mighty Ape

This is so cute, I couldn't help myself, even though I have girls! The Little Wonder Bib is a blue bib with a bowtie image on front. It reminds me of the bibs of the '80's actually, and I must say we've come a long way since my little brother wore a pelican bib for catching spilled foods! They're reduced from $24.99 to $12. They're still available on other sites for as much as $22 and you can find the pink bib with bows on Mighty Ape for $19.99

The other major difference between this and the pelican bibs of our youths is that those were hard and inflexible plastic - and I dread to think about the BPA and other now known to be dangerous plastics it was made from. These are 100% silicone, making them nice and flexible and easy to take along in a bag. They're BPA free, heat resistant, non-stick and easy to clean.

In a relatively unique feature - I've never seen it before - you can choose whether to use it flat or fold it up into a crumb catcher.

The Little Wonder Bib in Blue with a bowtie image is suitable for use from 6 months to toddler.

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