The Advantages of Green Man Gaming

Paying full price for the latest games can put a strain on anyone's pocket. Buying online is one solution, but often your savings are swallowed up by shipping costs only to be kept waiting for the package to arrive.

It's easy to see, then, why a site like Green Man Gaming is so popular. The concept is simple: instead of paying for a physical product that has to be physically packed up and shipped to you, GMG lets you download games straight to your PC.

It's a UK-based site, too, so you don't have to settle for those inflated prices you're so used to seeing new games tagged with when they appear on the shelves here.

That's enough to warrant a closer look in itself, but Green Man Gaming isn't just about buying games – it also allows you to trade in titles you're happy to get rid of for credits towards future purchases.

Sounds great, right? Let's look a little closer at how it all works.

Green Man Gaming is by no means the only online retailer that sells games you can download straight to your PC – and incidentally, even if the title you're looking for isn't available in digital form, you can still buy it in physical form through GMG and have it posted to you.

What sets it apart is the trade-in facility and the comprehensive rewards system. Take full advantage and you'll make serious savings guaranteed.

The trade-in system is easy to use, and you can see up front whether games you're looking to purchase can be traded in again down the line.

But this is just the start of the savings. Green Man Gaming constantly has deals and discounts running, which we regularly feature here on BuckScoop and are also posted on the GMG blog and via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

But there's also the Rewards programme, which gives you numerous ways to pick up extra savings. You can build up credit or earn cash back simply through making purchases from Green Man Gaming, while regular discount vouchers offer direct savings on specific titles or entire purchases.

Share the love with friends and get them to sign up to Green Man Gaming themselves and you'll also earn credits to put towards your gaming purchases, and you'll even earn credit for scribbling about your gaming escapades in the form of game reviews.

Last but not least, Green Man Gaming even has an affiliate program for more serious gamers where you can earn commission for GMG purchases made on the back of a referral from your own blog or channel.

Altogether, Green Man Gaming really does have something for everyone from the casual gamer to the hardcore fanatic. With prices to match the best around and all kinds of savings and benefits to reward the regular customer, it's a great way to buy and share the latest games without having to pay over the odds to do so.

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