Telechoice Plans Worth Another Look Since Their Network Switch from Optus to Telstra

Telechoice have been around for a while but in recent years they have taken a side step to enable them to continue providing a reliable service to their clients. If you are in the position of choosing between Australia’s numerous MVNO sim-only plans, it’s a great idea to get clued up on which providers operate on which networks.

Amaysim operates on the Optus’ network for example, whereas Hello Mobile operates on Vodafone and Telechoice operates on Telstra. In 2013 Telechoice parted ways with Optus and has since resurrected its service on Telstra’s 3G network. If this is news to you, it might be worth checking out the price advantages of using Telechoice after this restructuring.


Rebel Starter Plan from TeleChoiceThe reason I like Telechoice is because they keep things simple. There are seven plans which you can choose to have on three contract terms (monthly, 12-months or 24-months). Telechoice reward you in a clear manner, the longer you sign up to do business with them, the cheaper your bill gets per month.

Telechoice’s two cheapest plans (Rebel Starter Plan $12.50 and Global Rebel Texter Plan $15) provide the same elements: $200 worth of call time, unlimited text messages and 200MB of mobile data. If you would like to use your credit to call internationally via their ‘Rebel Starter Plan’ it’s an additional $2.50 per month.


Global Liberty Starter Plan by TeleChoiceThat’s two plans down only five to go and each of the following is an even step up from the previous. Their top plan includes things like unlimited calls and text messages plus 3GB of data and $80 of international calls.


The next plan up from the two basic plans is their ‘Global Liberty Starter Plan’ which includes unlimited standard national calls Telechoice to Telechoice, unlimited standard national texts, $500 worth of national and international calls and 1GB of data for $20 per month.

Global Liberty Leader Plan from TeleChoice in Australia

However, the plan I believe to be the best for myself is their ‘Global Liberty Leader Plan’, which for only $5 more gives you an extra $150 ($650) calling credit, additional 500MB (1.5GB) of data all for a total of $25 per month.

Within the past year Telechoice have added a new plan called ‘Global Liberty Fighter Plan’ which includes all the same features as the ‘Liberty Leader’ but for $30 you receive an additional 500MB (2GB) of data, which might be more favourable for heavy data users, but for someone in the office with Wi-Fi for most of the day it might seem pointless.

The top two plans Telechoice offers cost $40 and $49 per month and are called the ‘Global Liberty Hero Plan’ and ‘Global Freedom of Speech Plan’. The Liberty Hero plan at $40 gives you $1000 standard national and international calls, unlimited Telechoice to Telechoice, unlimited texts and 2GB of data. However, for only $9 more you’ll receive unlimited standard national calls, SMS and 3GB of data but only $80 of international calls. So, if you intend on calling internationally and require plenty of minutes per month to do so, the ‘Hero Plan’ is far better value for money at $40 compared to their Freedom of Speech plan at $49. Effectively if you want to call internationally spend $9 less to receive an additional $920 worth of international calls.


Global Freedom of Speech Plan in Australia by TeleChoiceBesides the well-structured plans, I believe you need to factor in the saving potential versus the flexibility you would like in your plan. Acknowledging the fact that you have to BYOP for the length of the contract will mean different things to different people. I personally would prefer to receive the cheaper rate for signing up for one year because I know I can look for a better deal towards the end of that 12-month period. However, to lock myself into a 24-month contract I would find counter productive because as the market changes , which is one that does so rapidly, it restricts my ability to change with it. Not being able to take advantage of the most competitive offers as they arise during a two year period is something I would find too limiting.

The Liberty leader for example on a 24-month contract is $25 per month, on a 12-month contract it’s $30, however on a monthly rolling contract it’s $35 per month. On a contract basis you would save $60 per year if you signed up to the 24-month plan as opposed to the 12-month term. That monetary value needs to be weighed up against the likely risk of you missing out on more suitable or cheaper offers that appear on the market during this time.

Ultimately you need to make a plan and stick to it. If you were to start with intentions of wanting flexibility and therefore chose a monthly contract, but ended up not changing your plan for two years due to laziness or forgetfulness, you will spend an additional $240 more over that 24-month period for exactly the same ‘Liberty Leader’ service.

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