Telco Pricing Available For The New Samsung Galaxy S5

This is a follow up to the Galaxy S5 post that I did a couple of weeks ago giving Buckscoopers a run-down of everything they needed to know about Samsung's latest flagship phone. I'd mentioned which telco's were going to be selling this handset upon its release in Australia but I didn't have any information about pricing.

Now that the Galaxy 5's official Australian release has taken place (in Sydney on the 26th March) we know what prices to expect from the various Telco's. And as hinted towards in my previous post, it's not cheap!


Vodafone's cheapest option to get a Galaxy S5 is to go for their $30 plan. This will give you $200 of calls and texts and 200MB of data. The handset itself will cost you an extra $28 per month and that's on a 24-month contract. There's no shortage of plans to choose from at Vodafone so rather than list them all here, I've included a link to who provide a good overview of them all. Look out for Vodafone's current "double-data" promo happening at the moment, which many of these contracts fall under.


With Telstra, you'll need to opt for one of their Mobile Accelerate plans if you want the S5. For example, with Telstra's $70 Mobile Accelerate Plan you can contribute an extra $12 per month (for 24 months) to get this handset. This plan entitles you to $700 worth of calls and MMS, unlimited SMSs within Australia and 1.5GB of data. Which definitely isn't cheap!

You also be able to get Samsung's latest wearable technology at Telstra. This includes the Gear Fit, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo devices which will retail for $249, $369.95 and $249 respectively. You also have the option of choosing to get the wrist-wraparound Gear Fit fitness band for $10 per month, when connected to an eligible mobile plan, if you don't want to buy it outright.


At Optus, the Galaxy S5 is available on their MyPlan structure where the lowest you’ll be able to get the phone for is an extra $26 per month. That's on the $35 MyPlan which comes with 200 minutes of calls and 200MB of data. These conservative limits won't suit most people though, so your other options at Optus are as follows:

* $50 MyPlan: 450 minutes of calls and 500MB of data (+ $21 extra for the S5)
* $60 MyPlan: 600 minutes of calls and 1.5GB of data (+ $16 extra for the S5)
* $80 MyPlan: 800 minutes of calls and 2GB of data (+ $11 extra for the S5)
* $100 MyPlan: unlimited calls and 3GB of data (+ $7 extra for the S5)

Note, all of these plans are 24 month contracts and come with free, unlimited SMS and MMS within Australia.

Just to point out, the 1.5GB data limit on the $60 MyPlan above is based on any Optus customers pre-ordering between the 27th March and 10th April 2014 and being given an extra 500MB of data. With this offer, you're actually slightly better off with Optus rather than going for Telstra with about the same level of inclusions. See graphic below for a quick overview of the various MyPlan options you'll be able to choose from.

Overview of Optus MyPlan options


Virgin Mobile
With Virgin, you can get the S5 for an extra $13 a month on their $60 per month plan. You will also receive double data on any new phones until a month after the launch date. This plan therefore gives you 3GB of data under the doubled plan as well as $700 worth of calls, texts along with a host of other Virgin-only benefits.

You can actually pre-order the Galaxy S5 on the Virgin Mobile website right now. The handset itself will go on sale online and in stores from April 11.



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