Talk, Browse & Play More - Two Deals Worth a Closer Look At

Two deals recently appeared on Buckscoop that were worth some further analysis to see how much hidden value could be unlocked. The "unlocking" aspect probably pertains more to the first deal on games at Ozgameshop, as I'll show you how to stack various discounts to get the best prices. However, the mobile plan promotion from Amaysim was worth expanding on too in order to help explain just how much value there really is in this offer.


OZGAMESHOP - $5 Credit for Registered Users + January Sale Discounts:

Right now, all registered users will find they have an extra $5 in credit by simply going to the My Account tab in their Ozgameshop accounts and clicking on View my Gift Voucher Balance below it. The credit is automatically applied at checkout when you make a purchase. It expires midnight on January 13th so be sure to use it before then. Ozgameshop have also launched their January clearance sales which offer a variety of discounts using vouchers that can be stacked together with this credit. You can find these vouchers on Buckscoop's Vouchers page which are valid until the 31st January 2014 and do not apply to pre-orders.   

Here are the lists of game titles which apply to each specific voucher:  10% off title list20% off title list30% off title list   

To give you a few particular games worth checking out on their site, Assassins Creed III 3 on Wii U is available for $24.99 with delivery when you use your $5 credit on the current sale price. They've also got Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition and James Bond 007 Legends on Wii U for $14.99 each (delivered). For an even sweeter bargain, particularly for those who perhaps haven't played this game yet, there are pre-owned copies of Gears Of War on Xbox 360 listed which if you apply the 30% off code to, will cost you just $0.59 after the $5 credit gets deducted as well - nice!

Besides games, your credit can also be put to good use on a pack of four 1.5v AAA Duracell batteries for $2.99 ($14.97 at Fishpond), or the X-Men 1 & 2 double box set on DVD for $4.49 (other stores seem to be charging at least $10+ for the first X-Men movie on its own).


AMAYSIM - 50% Off Deal on First Monthly Payment:

Until the end of January, if you sign up to Amaysim's sim-only Unlimited plan then you'll get your first month free. This is worth considering if you're not happy with your current provider or find them expensive, as 50% is higher than Amaysim's usual promo on first monthly discounts (normally 30%). Also, they offer competitive rates and you don't need to bind yourself into long contract periods. You'll need an Amaysim promo code to get the 50% off which is available on our Vouchers page.

What you could do is sign up for just one month to try them out which would only cost you $19.95 as opposed to the usual $39.90 rate for Unlimited. If you decide you're not happy with the service for any reason, simply cancel your subscription before the month is up. This can be done by either calling up, sending a text message with "STOP UNLMITED" to 568 or logging into your online account and terminating your subscription there - all very quick and easy to do. You can even manage your subscription at any time to increase or decrease your voice/text/data limits using their Android and iPhone apps (see details here).

What you'll effectively get for your $19.95 outlay is unlimited "talk and text", unlimited calls to 13 and 18 numbers, and 4GB of data (excess at 5c/MB). Note, Amaysim is powered by the 3G Optus network.

For those of you who are heavy voice and data users with your phones, this comparison helps give you a clear overview of the value you're getting from Amaysim's Unlimited plan compared what other similar mobile network plans available would cost you.


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  • Captainjack
    Another great bargain at Ozgamenshop is Rayman Legends on Xbox 360 for only $18.09 (with the $5 credit deducted). That's hot!

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