Steaming Bargain – Get GTA5 for Just $61 with JB Hifi Trade Two for One Offer!

Screaming bargain at JB Hifi where you can pick up a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 for just $61! So let's break it down and show you the magic behind how to do this.

Grand Theft Auto 5

JB Hifi have brought back their two for one trade deal where they provide a list of games which they're prepared to accept as trade for a new game. Basically, all you need to do is find two games on that list which you own copies of and if you bring them in, they'll trade these for a brand new game of your choice*. For the full list of T&C's on their trade-in deal, go here.

At the same time, EB Games currently have a sale on with many of the game titles matching those in the list of JB Hifi's trade two for one deal above. Quite a few of EB's games are selling for $35 each and include titles such as Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, and GRID 2. That means you can pickup two of these for $70 and trade them in at JB Hifi for your very own copy of Grand Theft Auto 5.  But there's more...


Grand Theft Auto 5 - for just $61!

Our resident gaming guru, kryptick, not content with the bargain price he'd already discovered, then cottoned onto the fact that EB Games will be offering an additional 13% discount as part of a "Friday the 13th" promo. Take note though, this promo will only be run for one hour. So make sure you purchase between 1pm - 2pm (AEST), Friday 13th September, as that's when they'll be slashing the extra 13% off sale items.


In summary, this means you'll be able to pickup the two necessary trade-in titles at EB Games for $61, which then ultimately gets you one of the most anticipated and talked about games of all time - GTA5!

As a final note Kryptick also added (still not content with this now steaming bargain) that he knows of a lot of guys who have scored Tomb Raider and Halo 4 in particular from Cash Converters for between $20 to $30. An extra tip for anyone keen on squeezing every ounce of red-hot-bargainess out of this deal.


* To sum up the JB Hifi trade in process, you'll need to provide identification in-store, in W.A. all goods being traded in must have been bought by you as new (so officially no trading in of "third-hand" games), and if the trade-in value is more than $200 then you'll also need to provide proof-of-purchase for the games.

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