Stack Woolworths Voucher on Meat with Weekly Specials for Competitive Prices This Easter


Woolworths has issued a 20% off voucher valid on all orders over $40 from the meat section. To maximise your savings, I would recommend stacking the voucher discount with their current specials. By doing so you’ll save on meat even when compared to prices at Aldi, who's taking the spotlight in retail news as having the potential to end the existing Woolworths/Coles duopoly in the Australian supermarket landscape.

I find that Woolies’ meat products are usually very competitive when on special and are generally reviewed as better quality than those of its biggest competitor, Coles. Also, after the accusation of Coles undermining the Australian beef industry by introducing their own quality standard, I believe many customers have lost their confidence in the actual quality of the meat products which the chain has to offer.


Putting quality related debates aside though, lets just focus on the prices. This week's Woolworths catalogue is filled with offers on meat products, such as Australian Butterflied Lamb Leg for $18.99/kg, MSA Australian Beef Scotch Fillet Steak for $21.99/kg and Australian RSPCA Approved Chicken Thigh Fillets for just $8/kg. On top of the otherwise common specials, you can now get an extra 20% off meat orders over $40 using the current voucher online, which is no doubt a bargain you’ll seldom find at Woolies. It also gives you an opportunity to stock up on meat products for Easter and beyond by freezing any surplus left for the rest of the month.


Below is a table where you can see a few examples from my local catalogue (Sydney metro) with the 20% discount applied on top of Woolies prices per kg compared to prices for the same products at Coles and Aldi (where applicable).





Australian Butterflied Lamb Leg $15.19 $20.99
Australian Lamb Rack Roast or Lamb Cutlets $17.59 $22 $34
Australian Beef Blade Steak Bone In $6.79 $12.99
MSA Australian Beef Scotch Fillet Steak $17.59 $32
Australian Pork Shoulder Boneless Roast $5.59 $6.50 $6.99
Australian Pork Mid Loin Chops $11.99 $18  
Australian RSPCA Approved Chicken Thigh Fillets $6.40 $14 $8.99
macro Free Range Chicken Breast Fillets Small Tray $13.59 $18.49  


The catalogue prices are valid until Tuesday, the 7th of April, meanwhile the 20% Woolworths voucher expires on the 5th of April (Sunday).


Looking at all the meat in the catalogue, I got hungry… So I looked up some recipe ideas for the Easter from Jamie Oliver (sticking to Woolies’ theme) with which you can put the meat you purchase to good use:


Spicy barbecued leg of lamb

Jamie Oliver Spicy barbecued leg of lamb

This recipe serves 8 people and it’s super easy to make, according to Jamie. It will take you an hour to prepare, not including resting time. You’ll basically need to mix the spices and smear it on the lamb before putting it into the oven for 40 minutes. The pre-baking gives you time to fire up your BBQ, where you’ll finish the baking process to give a nice, crispy and flavoursome coating to the meat. If you’re not a fan or prefer another recipe, you’ll see other options under “More Lamb Recipes”.



Beef & vegetable stir-fry

Jamie Oliver beef vegetable stir-fry

Another super easy recipe from Jamie, this Asian style stir-fry takes 40 minutes to make and serves four people. The vegetables pick up the juicy flavours from the meat, so it’s important to use quality beef. You’ll have to cook the noodles and fry the meat and the vegetables separately. Mix the noodles with the vegetables, give it a quick fry and divide into portions. Top each plate with the meat and decorate with coriander leaves. For the complete list of ingredients and more details on how to prepare this stir-fry, check Jamie’s list.


Hunter’s chicken stew (Pollo alla cacciatora)

Jamie Oliver Hunter's Chicken Stew

To bring in a bit of variety to the above BBQ and stir-fry options, here’s a fabulous chicken stew. This recipe is based on a classic Italian dish, made with red wine, olives, anchovies, tomatoes and herbs. Although the indications state it’s super easy, it does take some time and effort to make this casserole dish. You need to marinade the chicken, and for the best results give it a day to rest in the fridge. Afterwards, tap, cover in flour and fry the chicken to golden brown. Putting the chicken aside, fry the rest of the ingredients together and place the chicken pieces back into the now ready stew. The final touch is simple - just put it in the oven and let it bubble away for an hour and a half. You’ll find detailed instructions from Jamie once you’ve clicked thought the link to the recipe.


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