Stack Offers on Cheap Prepaid Mobile Handset with Telstra $30 Calling Credit for an Effective Layout of Just $3

Right guys, today we’ve got a 3 dimensional deal for you, which I believe you’re going to like. This insightful discovery was brought to light by a regular on Buskscoop, known as "Donkey", who has cleverly amalgamated 3 separate deals to create this little gem. We are looking at a telecoms deal from Telstra which includes two great offers on both a handset as well as the required calling credit. Along side this is a freebie related to streaming the AFL and NRL finals to the phone which has been thrown in too.

The first aspect shows you where to buy possibly one of the cheapest pre-paid mobile handsets on the market. This purchase is then combined with a Telstra offer giving you 50% off on their calling credit. Ultimately, the combination of the two effectively means that you're getting the handset for an equivalent layout of just $3. To sweeten the deal even further, is the above mentioned freebie which requires a Telstra voucher code found right here on Buckscoop.


Lets start with this cheap handset. The Telstra Pulse phone deal was spotted by another of our regulars, ‘Earth’, who found that Harvey Norman had it listed for just $18 (Officeworks on the other hand are charging $49 for it). Don't bother putting any credit on the SIM which this phone comes with, as there's a way to purchase a pre-paid SIM with calling credit at a half price discount.

Credit for this part of the deal goes to 'Shazoo' for bringing it to our attention. Her deal talks about ordering a $30 pre-paid SIM starter kit from Telstra online (which comes with free shipping) which currently will only cost you $15.

Telstra Pre-paid calling credit for 50% DiscountSo in essence, by buying the Telstra Pulse handset at $18 and the pre-paid SIM starter kit for $15, your total expenditure is $33. However, the total value of these two purchases is actually $48, because Telstra is giving you $30 worth of calling credit. So if we look purely at the figures and their value, Telstra is offering you $15 for free with their SIM, which you can use purely in an accounting fashion to offset against the cost of the phone. So applying the value of the $15 free calling credit against the $18 you'd paid for the handset, means the phone actually only costs you $3.


Finally, to put the icing on the cake, if you sign into the Google Play Store (Android’s App Shop) on your new handset and enter this voucher before downloading the NRL app and AFL app, you will be able to sign into those Live apps to watch the finals as and when they are going on. This is ideal for all you guys who would prefer to be sat in front of the box, rather than stuck in that dentists waiting room, or waiting for the kids to come out of school. Good thing here is that Telstra are also allowing you to stream all this data without any impact to your calling/data credit or monthly allowance. So if you're not in a wifi zone, but have a decent 3G or 4G connection then no need to worry about hitting your data limit after only one match.

Stream NRL Finals Live on your Mobile deviceLast, but certainly not least, I’ve added an extra bucksoop bonus tip, to make sure you get the most out of these finals. If you happen to have a tablet or a smart TV, then you can download and install the same apps on these devices, sign into the apps using the same login details as you did on the phone and enjoy the same free finals content on a larger screen. As opposed to watching your favourite players on your small phone screen when you get back to your man cave.

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