Some Interesting Stuff on This Xbox 360 $100 Cashback Promo

Now that we can finally get to the page showing the terms and conditions around this Microsoft Xbox 360 console $100 cashback promo it makes for interesting reading. You need to make the purchase between 25 December 2013 and 31 December 2013 to be eligible.

The main reason I wanted to get to see the terms and conditions was on account of whether the promo applied to slim and elite consoles.


A Close-up on the Terms & Conditions:


"The Offer is available to Australian residents who have purchased a new Xbox 360 4GB console"

No distinction is made between a 4GB Elite and a 4GB Slim. Now the slightly mysterious. The link on the Microsoft site only shows you Elite consoles and all the major retailer promo pictures only show the Elite as well. Harvey Norman who I'd linked to in a previous post while speculating whether you could get a slim for $48 have removed the linked page. This is replicated when you google Australia for Xbox 4GB consoles. All the major distributors seem only to be carrying the Elite. I'd say its 99% sure you can get cashback on the cheaper Slim console providing you can find one within the constraints of the terms and conditions. Looks like Microsoft may have forced the distributors to drop the Slim while the promo runs. If for some reason Microsoft declined to pay cashback on the Slim it would simply take a mention of fair trading and advertising standards to ruffle their feathers.


"The offer is open to "Australian Residents"

I'd say this is just an Oz address on your redemption form though there's a possibility they may base this on the location of you bank account given that you need to submit it for payment to be made.


"from any Australian retailer other than auction website retailers"

I assume that they take an Australian retailer to be one with either a registered business or a Pty Ltd. It'd be interesting to see whether their exclusion would apply to a purchase from an Australian retailer off the marketplace - i.e. Amazon marketplace or any of the others. "Fleabay" is obviously excluded.   


"a person can only claim the offer once"

Technically this would allow multiple persons at the same address to claim for multiple purchases, but I don't know what they are using to determine 'a person'. The usual method would be the address on the redemption form but here it may be the bank account holder given that you must submit your bank account with the claim. I don't know how else they would determine a person.


"pre-ordering an Xbox 360 4GB console through an Australian retailer will not be deemed an Eligible Purchase. Further, the Offer is not available for products that are still awaiting arrival into store or delivery to the customer."

Obviously Microsoft are trying to avoid people buying on back order, making a claim and then cancelling the back order once cashback has been paid. Interestingly, I have no idea how they would determine whether you've bought from a retailer that was awaiting stock or whether you were still awaiting delivery at the time that you submitted the claim. Thats all a bit fanciful.


Xbox 360 Console + Cashback Deals:


Big W still have this "XBox 360 4G console + Batman Arkham Origins Bundle" deal listed in their catalogue for $98 after the cashback, however it's not displayed anywhere on their website for purchase (despite saying it would be available online from the 23rd of Dec). If you search for "Xbox 360" on their site you'll find other offers although for $198 you can only get the Slim or E 4GB console on it's own. There is another bundle listed, the "Xbox 360 E 4GB Console with Battlefield 4", but that's priced at $304.

Otherwise Microsoft still have their "Xbox 360 4 GB Console" offer up for $199 which also includes two free games from a limited selection on offer - see here. So this offer looks like better value, particularly if you don't own any of the games mentioned.

JB Hi-Fi also appear to have the Xbox 360 E 4GB console listed on their site (with reference to the cashback offer) for $189, while Harvey Norman have it priced at $198 - as was the price of the console displayed on most other sites which I came across.

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