Selection of Hotel Deals for the 154th Melbourne Cup Carnival 2014

The annual Melbourne Cup Carnival is approaching in a few weeks and it’s that all important time, to start thinking about where you are going to stay. If you are travelling from afar then you may need to organise some accommodation for the 1st to 8th of November. The aim of this post will be to narrow down the search to a brief selection of the best value hotels or serviced apartments available within commutable distance from the carnival.

If you are looking for a single bedroom or plan to travel with a partner, we have the options available here. I have based my search on a hotel room for two people sharing a double bed in one bedroom. The dates specified within my search are from the 1st November to the 8th November. Within this post you will be able to see the average nightly rate for each hotel room, so you can understand what budget will be required for each. We will provide you with options that have been rated on TripAdvisor and Trivago, so you can not only take our word for it, but also the hundreds of people who have reviewed the properties.


Ibis Budget Hotel DandenongOur least expensive hotel available to book for the Melbourne Carnival Cup is the Ibis Budget Hotel which is located in Dandenong, roughly 41km or 35 minutes drive away. The total cost for your 7-night stay will be $497 or $71 per night. The original search was made via, however you can book the hotel via either or Expedia. These two website also have slightly larger beds costing $76, or a triple room for $81 per night.

Ibis Hotel Fawkner MelbourneStill within the same chain, Ibis Budget Fawkner is much closer and cost just $1 more per night. This hotel is about 21km or 2omins drive from the racecourse, so half the distance from the previous. Similar to the deal above, the cost of your 7-night stay will be $504, which is $72 per night. Four hotel brokerage websites have this price available, they are;,, Expedia and Accor. These websites also have availability for larger beds which cost $77 per night, or a tripe room available for $82 nightly. Additional features that separate this hotel from the previous Ibis are; Car parking, TV and air-conditioning.

Monash Hotel MelbourneThe third hotel to feature here today is hotel Monash, situated in Dandenong, but not as far as Ibis Hotel Budget, the first hotel mentioned. Distance from the Carnival racecourse is roughly 25km or 30 mins driving by car. Monash has a two star rating and will set you back $595 for the duration of the 7 day stay, which breaks down to $85 per night. I found this deal on Expedia, and With slightly more comforts from home, this hotel may be more appealing with car parking, air-conditioning, TV, hotel bar and Wi-Fi. When looking on Trivago, there were no other bed options available, such as triple bed.

Hotel Claremont in Melbourne

If however you spending power is a little greater, our next hotel to feature in this review is Hotel Claremont, which is situated in South Yarra, roughly 13km or 17mins drive from the racecourse. Hotel Claremont has been rated 4 out of 5 points by 237 guests. The total cost for the 7 nights is $756, which works out as $108 per night. This price can be received via either or Expedia. Other websites have the same hotel for an extra $3 per night so not much of a saving to be found on this particular hotel. Currently there are no limitations on room numbers, however, I would get in their quickly as you may see the price rise as the room availability decreases.  If for whatever reason you don’t book this hotel, the next cheapest option is slightly more, but not too much so.

Best Western Plus at Tudor Box Hill

Hotel number five is the Best Western Plus at Tudor Box Hill. It’s located a little further away at roughly 24km or 30 minutes drive from the racecourse. Best Western Plus also has a slightly lower rating compared to Hotel Claremont, with 3.5 points from 81 reviews. The total price for the 7 nights is $861, which works out at $123 per night. This price is available via Expedia only, as all other hotel booking websites have it priced at $137 per night. Again there are no warnings on the Expedia website saying there is only 2 rooms left for example, but with the Carnival approaching, expect this to change overnight.

North Melbourne Serviced Apartments

Our next runner up is North Melbourne serviced apartments. This is by far the closest so far to the venue, at only 3.4km away its less than a 10 minute drive. Their rating on Trip Advisor is also the highest out of the 3 so far, being rated as number 71 out of 170 hotels in Melbourne, along with a 4 point rating by 101 reviews. The total price for the 7 nights is $973, which works out as $139 per night if you book via Expedia or All other websites are priced at $142 per night. At the time of writing this post however, the Expedia website stated that there was one apartment left at this price, so if you're quick you may still catch it.

Tune Hotel Melbourne

The fourth most affordable Hotel in Melbourne is the Tune Hotel. This hotel is fairly close to the venue at 5km or roughly 14 mins drive. Tune Hotel also has the highest rating on Trip Advisor out of all the hotels compared so far, with a rating of 38 out of 170 hotels in Melbourne, it comes with a 4 point rating from 305 reviews. The cost to you for the 7-night stay will be $1,120, breaking down to $160 per night. This price is available from both and Expedia, with Travel Republic costing $1 more per night. The remaining websites have Tune Hotel priced at $175 per night. The website didn’t have any warnings stating limited room availability left, however it did pop up saying that 98 people were viewing this hotel.

Seasons Heritage Hotel Melbourne

Our fifth and final hotel to feature today is the Seasons Heritage Melbourne hotel. Situated slightly further away from the venue at roughly 12.5km or 20mins drive, this hotel might be a little out the way in comparison to the cheaper hotels already mentioned. Trip Advisor has rated this hotel as number 91 out of 170 hotels in Melbourne, giving it 3.5 points from 280 reviews. Their cost for the 7-night stay is $1,162 or $166 per night. This price is only available on with the remaining hotel brokers priced at $170 per night or more. At the time of writing this post, the eBookers website stated that it had two rooms left available at this price.

I hope this bite size breakdown of some of the more affordable hotels in Melbourne has been helpful. Of course, please be aware that availability can change at any given moment, so if you like the price, go ahead and book it before it’s gone. If you have any other tips or recommendations for our readers, also please let us know in the comments section below.

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