Select Range Pizza $2.49 @ Woolworths

Woolworths has four Select Range Pizzas on offer for $2.49 at the moment, down from $5.36.

While I wouldn't add frozen pizza among my favourite foods, I can't argue against having one or two of them in the freezer. For me, it's a money saving thing because if I'm not home to make dinner, my husband will pop out to whatever takeaway and spend way more than $2.49 on something to eat! He'll be more than happy to cook up a pizza though, so even if these are of the low topping variety, he can add some cheese, and anything else he fancies. $2.49 is a lot cheaper than the take away, and if he's going for faux-nutritious, I'd rather he went for something that didn't mess up the food budget too much!

The verdict is out as to whether these are good or not. Like beauty, the taste is down to the taster, I guWoolworths Select Pizza Roasted Vegetableess.  You can choose from:

Woolworths Select Pizza Mushroom & Mozzarella
Woolworths Select Pizza Quattro Formaggi
Woolworths Select Pizza Mozzarella & Tomato
Woolworths Select Pizza Roasted Vegetable

and stock up the freezer for the days you need something quick and easy and kid pleasing!

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