Save More On Cellarmasters' Premium Imported Wines With Special Buckscoop 10% Off Voucher

A spike in deals coming out of Cellarmasters recently prompted me to take a closer at look at what's behind the recent spate. After a bit of research, the first thing that became clear to me was that they appear to be one of the most competitive Australian online retailer in terms of their pricing across a range of imported wines. This is when comparing with other merchants selling premium boutique wines from across the world.

To help Buckscoopers get the best bang for their buck, we've agreed an exclusive 10% off voucher code for you to use sitewide at Cellarmasters until midnight on Sunday the 1st of August 2014. The only exclusion is that it can't be used on beer. I'm about to give you is a few examples to demonstrate where you can stack the 10% off voucher with items on sale for some great savings on a range of unique wines (and even champagnes).   


What you will notice very quickly at Cellarmasters is that it isn't difficult to find some interesting premium reds and whites from abroad at very reasonable prices. Ideal if you're looking for some alternatives to your everyday Aussie labels. Cellarmasters also offer a "Home Tasting Guarantee" which basically means that if you order some wine to be delivered to your home, try it but decide you don't like it, then they'll refund you by crediting the cost of the wine to your account.


Cellarmasters wine bundle offersStarting off with one of their best value offers on local wines, Cellarmasters have deal on what they've termed the "Value Red Mix" which works out at just $6.92 a bottle ($83.05 for the case). Note, this is the price including shipping charges once you've applied the 10% off voucher.

A very good offer considering that the bundle consists of a few Australian Cabernet  Sauvignons which would otherwise have cost you more than $10 a bottle over at Dan Murphy's, 1st Choice Liquor and Myers. There's also a Hunter Valley Shiraz from David Lowe (that goes for $12 a bottle at Myer Wine Club), a bottle of Merlot from South Australia alongside other quality Shiraz's. According to the deal poster, the actual savings you're making on this bundle equate to about $40 or 30% off overall compared to the wider market.

Chateau Bois Pertuis Bordeaux 2012 at Cellarmasters


Next up is this 2012 vintage Bordeaux red blend, which is a stylish Merlot dominant blend from legendary winemaker Vincent Cachau. It's on sale at Cellarmasters for $12.99 a bottle, meaning a case of twelve works out at $157.08 (including delivery to Sydney).

This gold medal winning wine definitely isn't one that you'll find at your local bottle-O and when you consider that David Jones is selling it at $32.99 a bottle, you know you're getting a great deal on it too.


Veuve Clicquot NV Rose at CellarmastersIn a deal which went up yesterday on Buckscoop, you can make an estimated saving of around $100 when purchasing one of Madame Clicquot's signature champagnes, the Veuve Clicquot NV Rose from Cellarmasters. It comes in a case of six which will cost you $479.94 (or $79.99 a bottle). Apply the 10% off code to it and the price drops by almost 50 bucks for the case.

Cellarmasters actually have a free shipping voucher available at the moment as well. However, their website does not allow more than one voucher to be used during checkout. So in this instance you're better off sticking with Buckscoop's exclusive voucher which offers the biggest discount. Ultimately, once shipping charges and the 10% discount are taken into account, you'll end up at paying $440.10.

It's a fairly close competition between Cellarmasters and the next best price online for this champagne over at Vintage Cellars who have it priced at $479.95 (with free shipping). Although, if you head over to Kemenys, Wine Box Warehouse and WineStar you'll find that all of them are charging between $540 and $610 for 6 bottles with delivery. Ultimately, Cellarmasters gives you a 20% saving compared to the average price across these other retailers.

Luis Felipe Edwards Pupilla Merlot 2012


To end of with, here's a deal on a dozen premium Chilean Merlots for $137.64 (shipped) by the renowned Luis Felipe Edwards winery. This same 2012 Pupilla Merlot at Myer's Wine Club will cost you t $227.88.

According to the deal poster, it's not easy to find quality Chilean reds for below $200 a case from other boutique wine retailers. And from my own personal experience, I've yet to try a Chilean Merlot that didn't go down extremely well.

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