Save Money Upgrading Your Existing Computer Instead of Buying Brand New

If you read our article a few weeks ago regarding the ability build your own computer for less rather than buying a brand new one, but felt that this route was still too expensive. Today we present the best methods that you can use to upgrade an existing computer to get better value for money.

The money saving ideas in today’s blog post will show you how to extend the life of your computer and potentially save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. If you were considering upgrading to an Apple iMac for example this would cost thousands, so before you go shopping, consider these money saving tips and potentially pocket the extra cash.


If building a Personal Computer (PC) as we mentioned in our previous article, seemed a little too elaborate we have the next best thing. Upgrading your computer is the second best way to save money but still receive the performance improvements your work may demand. The Apple route can be shockingly expensive when considering their overpriced RAM, but upgrading an older device can seem daunting too.

The following money saving DIY computer tips will give you the most bang for your buck and can be performed with relative ease.

I have personally experienced my laptop running much slower when it’s storage space begins to run out, so anything to add an extra chunk of space will surely improve the space and would be well worth doing to extend the value for money of your computer.

There are two ways to save money upgrading your computer rather than buying a new one. The first is to buy an external hard drive and move the majority of files you don’t need on a regular basis onto this via a USB connection. You won’t be able to move operating system files, but photos, videos and other information can be transported. We would recommend searching online for the best prices such as

If you feel that your data would be safer online in the cloud then this article recommends the best cloud based storage from the top three services.

Secondly, if you intend on replacing your internal hard drive with a larger one then we would recommend installing a Solid State Drive (SSD) because it’s load times and running speeds vastly outperform a mechanical hard drive with moving parts. The video below offers a great introduction into the process of adding a SSD drive to your current system.


Increasing Computer Memory

If the processor inside your computer determines how fast the device can think at any one time, you need to consider an upgrade. This will mean that you can run more programs simultaneously and more smoothly. Increasing RAM inside your computer requires you to identify what your motherboard is and how memory is installed. You can learn this by opening up the case and looking at it with your own eyes, or running a diagnostics tool such as CPU-Z. Those who own an Apple computer can use Apple’s About this Mac to check.

Laptops are more difficult but not impossible, however, because there is greater variety within laptop builds you may need to do some online research into the laptop you want to upgrade. Below is a video from Brue Computing which will show you how to perform this with a screwdriver, a plastic pry tool and a few moments of your spare time. If you don’t feel confident in opening your laptop without guidance, there is a very helpful money saving website called which provides plenty of advice on how to open laptops from major brands correctly.

Additional Extras

If you want to save money towards buying a new laptop but feel that your current machine could do with a slight upgrade, then changing things such as the mouse or keyboard can make a big difference.

A small investment into a mechanical keyboard which improves the typing experience or a dedicated gaming keyboard for gaming can give your computer an upgraded feel without having to incur the costs of changing it internally.

If you have any tips that you would like to share without community, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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