Roundup of the Hottest Deals from Last Week

It’s time for the hottest deals of the week again and with Christmas starting to sneak up on us, it’s wise to start getting your Christmas gifts in order. I always tell myself to plan ahead and get everything ready and wrapped before the holiday madness really kicks in, but somehow battling the vicious crowds, queues and not so pleased sales people has become a terrible Christmas eve routine. This year I’m hoping it will be different and I’ve started picking out deals that could double up as Christmas gifts. There are a couple of worthy contenders in last week’s list and the best part is having everything delivered to you, hassle free.

Wenger Ladies Sports Elegance watch at TargetMetro Last Light Xbox 360Akai 40 inch Full HD LED TV at OfficeworksWenger Ladies Sports Elegance watch at Target  


5) Metro Last Light Limited Edition Xbox 360 is 26.49 delivered at Ozgameshop

The list begins with this potential Christmas present for any gamers that you know. Ozgameshop has Metro Last Light Limited Edition on Xbox 360 for $26.49 delivered. There seem to be pretty competitive prices offered by other outlets but Ozgameshop has the rest of the field beat.


4) Wenger Ladies Sports Elegance watch at Target for only $150 + free shipping

Next up, coming in at number four on the list is this Wenger Ladies Sports Elegance watch, which is $150 with free shipping at Target. It’s made of some really elegant and quality materials like mother of pearl, sapphire crystal glass and leather for the wrist strap. According to the deal post this price is less than 50% of the price being offered by Parrys Jewellers ($550) and Highly Tuned Athletes ($468).   


3) iPad & iPad Mini Clever Covers $6 + free delivery at Kogan

Everyone seems to have an iPad or iPad mini these days and the covers for these nifty tablets tend to be pretty pricey. Kogan’s offer of $6 for covers (with no extra charge for delivery) has attracted a lot of heat and rightfully so because it’s pretty hard to find covers for under $10. It is available is black, blue, grey, green and pink.


2) Humble WB Games Bundle - PC - pay what you want

Humble Bundles always make the hot list and it’s no different this time with the latest Humble WB Games Bundle which has taken second spot. You can pay whatever you want to access the steam keys for the following games:
* Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY
* F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin
* F.E.A.R. 3
* Lord of the Rings: War in the North
If you pay more than the average amount (currently standing at $4.64), you get the codes to Batman: Arkham City GOTY and Scribblenauts Unlimited as well.


1) Akai 40” Full HD LED TV for $299 at Officeworks

This week’s reigning champion is an in-store deal at Officeworks where you can pick up an Akai 40” Full HD LED TV for $299 for a selected period only. It is while stocks last and the store is limiting it to one TV per customer. These HD TV’s were going at thousands of dollars when they first hit the market, so it’s absolutely ridiculous that you can now get your hand on a 40” for under $300! If you haven’t upgraded your TV, this might be a nice treat for your family.

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