Quick Guide to Finding Bargains in the Back-To-School Sales

With the new term at school about to begin, retailers are throwing "back to school" promotions at customers from every direction. Here's your quick guide to where you'll find the best value, with a variety of options on school gear to suit different tastes and budgets.


Cheep and Cheerful:

For stuff like backpacks, lunch boxes, and pencil cases there are a number of different choices. If you just want cheap and aren't too worried about the durability of your purchases, then Target have a great deal on a 5 piece recess backpack set (in blue/grey) for just $8. Be aware though that if you want it delivered you'll need to add on $9, otherwise they also charge a cheeky $5 for their in-store Click + Collect purchases (for orders under $25). Perhaps at this price those additional charges aren't a big issue versus the convenience factor of having it delivered.


Girls backpack, pencil case and wallet delivered for $59.99 by Roxy

Longer Lasting Quality:

If quality and durability is more your thing, then you'll want to head to Roxy where they have a deal on a girl's backpack/pencil case/wallet set delivered for $59.99. To get it at this price you'll need to pick up the relevant Roxy coupon code from the Vouchers page, which saves you over 30% on this set compared to buying the items at other online stores. There's a selection of between 6 t0 8 items to choose from in each category, so you're not limited to just one particular set either.   



Unique and Personalised:

For those parents that want to give their kids something unique while also avoiding having to label everything before school starts, you can kill two birds with one stone at Identity Direct. They offer personalised items with your child's name and a selected design on them, but of course this customisation comes at a higher price. It's possible to get a backpack, lunchbox and drink bottle for $77.46 with delivery included. Make sure you grab the 10% off Identity Direct promo code from the Vouchers page to get the set at this price. To keep costs as low as possible,  you'll also want to combine a $34.99 backpack with the lunch bag and steel drink bottle bundle for $39.90.

Tinyme, who also offer a great selection of customised school gear, are currently offering 25% off lunchboxes, pencil cases and 50% off water bottles. Despite the sales though, their offer for the set is still slightly more expensive at $99.90 with shipping. Finally, there's Stuck on You where the lunchbox value pack (bag+bottle) with a backpack is $99.90 including delivery.

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