Australian Prices Emerge For The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

The first price for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has now emerged on the Australian market after my post last week where I speculated on what the initial price may be. MobiCity are the only retailer I've come across so far who are selling an unlocked Galaxy S4 Mini 4G LTE. It's available in white or grey for $599.95 (or $618.90 if you include shipping). That's actually slightly lower than the $650 estimate I'd previously made. This was based on the price it was rumored to be selling for in the UK, where it was apparently released for purchase this past weekend (Saturday the 29th of June).

I had a look at two UK retailers offering the Galaxy S4 Mini and calculated what it would cost to get an unlocked/SIM free handset shipped to Australia. This in fact worked out cheaper with charging around $540 and charging $579. However, if you look at the current deals for the Mini's more powerful sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S4, most aren't that far off the $600 mark. Which in my opinion means it doesn't really make much sense to opt for the Mini at this point in time. 

As was also mentioned in my original post last week, I would suggest that you hold off for another 4-6 weeks in order to see what kinds of discounts the major retailers will be offering by that stage. If the Mini's release follows a similar pattern to that of the original Samsung Galaxy S4's, then there may be price drops of around 30% lower than what MobiCity is currently offering.

If you're desperate to get yourself a Samsung of the Mini's proportions then consider going for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. It's been on the market for some time now so there are quite a few good deals currently available. After a quick search online, the best price that I found for the S3 Mini i8190 (white) was from Kogan at $298 including delivery. So when taking into account that it's almost half the price of what you'll pay right now for the S4 Mini locally, this option appears to make much more financial sense.

Here's a quick feature comparison between the Galaxy S4 Mini and the S3 Mini:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs S3 Mini


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