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Depending on where exactly you call home, the grip of winter may or may not be enough to force you indoors right now. If this is the case, you may be longing for warmer days, and evening spent in the garden. And if you're anything like me, you're already planning precisely how you want to do up your outdoor space for the spring, summer and autumn months to come.

I've been having a browse around Deals Direct's clearance section, to see what bargains can be found.

Every inhabitable garden needs a space to sit, and you have two options - permanent or temporary seating. Deals Direct has a few options, ranging from the 7-piece Rattan set which is in the clearance for $329, although it's currently available on eBay at $436.95, to the Bronte Folding Bistro Set for $69, with the next best price for something similar being $75, and then into the triple figures for the rest.

For less formal dining purposes, you can also look at the Hardwood Dover 2 Seater Outdoor Benchperfect for sitting under a tree or by a pond. It's $99 in the clearance sale, but almost double that at various eBay stores. The softer, more romantic version of that, for the same price at Deals Direct is the Hardwood Rose Outdoor BenchI can just see it in my mind's eye under a Weeping Willow Tree - now just to find one of those.

If even that is just to prim and proper for cocktails in the garden, they have two hammock options - once again a tree in the garden would come in handy, because the stands for these aren't included.

The Quilted Double Hammock is $29.95, but if you're after something even more cheap and cheerful, the Double Brazilian Hammock is only $19.95. What I'm pretty sure about is that the exact same thing is $60.95 at Wayfair.

And then, the best way to keep the little people off your stuff, is by giving them their own, so the garden swing chair for kids at $59 could be a sanity saver. Apart from eBay, where it sells for the same or more, I couldn't find this particular garden swing anywhere else.

With the seating or lounging arrangements sorted out, you'll need something to look at, so whether it's the Butterfly Wall Decor in sets of two for $29.95 - a $30 saving - or setting a guard on the house with $45 cannon plantersor the slightly less obscure and more befitting the Rose bench theme, the wishing well planter for $54, a bit of nimble gardening can bring life to even the smallest of spaces.


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