Our Hottest Deals of the Week

This week’s hottest deals include an excellent freebie, a couple of bottles of booze and the cheapest price ever on Grid 2. Sounds like the makings of a pretty good weekend, so if you haven’t got any plans then read on.

5) Grid 2 Xbox 360 is $22.76 delivered at Blockbuster

Starting off our countdown is this great deal at Blockbuster- Grid 2 Xbox 360 is available at $22.76 inclusive of delivery. This seems to be the cheapest price so far for the game and stock is running low so you’ll want to make your purchase soon.



4) Triple Discount Promo Codes At Ezibuy

There are some huge potential savings up for grabs with triple discount promo code at Ezibuy. It is actually a really well put together deal, thanks to vikk who posted the deal. Vikk has basically worked out how to get the best possible deal at Ezibuy; this involves signing up for the site newsletter and keeping track of the promotional codes that will be sent to you.

Apparently if you sign up and hold off on making your first purchase, the site will actually send you additional promotional codes to encourage you to buy something, and if you keep holding off the deals just keep getting better. According to the deal poster, 13 days after signing up (without making a purchase), she received a $30 off promo code. I suppose a little patience does go a long way! Do remember to read the full post for the exact details.    


3) Xbox 360 Wired Controller (preowned) - $8 - EB Games

In third place is this EB Games in-store deal which allows you to pick up a XBOX 360 wired controller for just $8. This is an in-store deal and I must point out that the price is so low because it is a pre-owned item. It does come with a 3 month warranty though, so seems like a pretty safe buy.



2) Makita DF457DWE 18V Li-Ion Cordless Drill Driver for $99 at Bunnings

The runner-up for the week is a cordless power drill for under a hundred bucks. Bunnings has this Makita DF457DWE 18V Li-Ion cordless drill driver for $99. It is available at Bunnings Warehouse stores all over the country. The deal does not extend to their online store where it is priced at $199. I’d say for a $100 savings it’s worth making the trip down to your local Bunnings Warehouse (especially as it appears to be selling for over $250 at most other places).


1) Free Samsonite Inova Suitcase when you Buy 2 cases of Asahi Super Dry at Vintage Cellars

Personally I never need an excuse to have a beer but this deal is a great excuse to buy 2 whole cases! Our winner for the week is brought to you by Vintage Cellars where with every 2 cases of Asahi Super Dry purchased you will get a free Samsonite Inova suitcase valued at around $300. The Asahi Super Dry will cost you $49 per case which isn’t the best price on the market but given the freebie that comes with it, it is a steaming hot bargain! The suitcase promotion is limited to one per household and delivery is subject to a $26 handling fee. There are also only a 1,000 suitcases available, with what looks like just a few hundred left in stock so don't delay.


And there you have it, the hottest deals of the week. I would recommend against mixing the Asahi Super Dry with any power drilling, but apart from that I think you are all set for a good weekend.

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