Nigella Lawson - Cookbook Prices That Won't Strangle You!

With all the news going on about Nigella Lawson's recent throat-grabbing "tiff" in public by her husband, Charles Saatchi, Google is showing a surge in Australian searches related to the "Domestic Goddess". Sales of her cookbooks showed a marked decline back home in the UK towards the end of 2012, according to an article published last December by The Telegraph. However, we wondered whether all this hype would have any effect on her book orders this side of the pond. As often these kinds of high profile incidents with celebrities result in a resurgence of demand for their merchandise.

In case you're one of those people now considering buying one of Nigella's books, then at least make sure you don't overspend.

We quickly priced up one of her bestseller titles, "How to be a Domestic Goddess" in paperback. It wasn't hard to find with just about every online book retailer stocking a large collection of her cookbooks. The lowest price however was from Booktopia at $27 including delivery country wide. It's worth mentioning though that this only beat's price by the slightest margin (76c to be exact) which also included shipping to Australia. Might be useful for any of you that are already registered with them. From other retailers the prices appeared to jump to around the $35 - $39 mark and then beyond in most cases.

Booktopia also have "Nigellissima - Instant Italian Inspiration", another bestseller for those who prefer cookbooks in hardcover. You can order this online and have it delivered to your front door for $41.45.

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