Nescafe Brew A DeLonghi Cash Back Deal That’s Easy To Swallow

Nescafe’s aggressive approach to the Australian market is nothing but good news for coffee lovers. Rather than simply discounting their equipment in the hope that retailers pass on the savings, the company has opted for the popular “cash back” deal approach instead. This applies to any customers buying one of their selected range of Dolce Gusto machines.

If you purchase a Nescafe Genio, Melody or Circolo Dolce Gusto machine between 6 March and 11 May 2014 you qualify to enter the $75 cash back offer. You need to visit this website to obtain the application form. The completed form and receipt must be sent in to the provided address in order to complete the claim process.


DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine - EDG455BAs for what that $75 back represents, in most cases it comes to close to half the usual purchase price. 50% discounts from major brands on new product ranges aren't all that common, so it's probably wise to act on this offer if you're contemplating buying one of these highly rated capsule machines.

Sadly the single best deal on this offer from Target on a Genio model for $69 – is no longer available online. There were some reports earlier on the week, as mentioned in this deal, of Target stores having it in storage. You would need to phone your nearest branch and see if they have any left in stock though by calling 1300 753 567. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, that translates to an earning of $6 to own this particular DeLonghi machine (i.e. $69 - $75 = $6 profit).    


The next best deal you can get online is at Officeworks who are selling the Genio Black EDG455B model for $131. They offer free shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, Perth and Brisbane on orders over $55, giving you a total of $56 for this machine once you apply the cash back discount.

Harvey Norman has the best deal on the Melody EDG625B model, charging $169 plus $7 for shipping to major metro areas, which equates to $103 after the cash back.

For the Circolo model, Harvey Norman is again the store with the cheapest offer online at a price of $189 along with the $7 delivery.

As Harvey Norman’s stocks are running low, the next best deal for the Circolo can be found at Myer. Their $200 price tag qualifies for free shipping too, so it’s not far off what you'd paying at Harvey Norman. Online shoppers need to be wary, though, as Myer’s shipping times are often 7 – 10 days, instead of the 2 – 3 days you get elsewhere.


Dulce Gusto pods onlinePods for making coffee on a Dolce Gusto machine tend to be priced so low that one rarely finds any deals offering big discounts off the average market prices. Anything around $8 for a set of 16 pods is pretty good going these days. You can get sets for a few cents below that at the moment though from Big W ($7.90 a pack on multiple flavours) and Officeworks ($7.99 on the cappuccino flavoured packs). Target usually charge exactly $8 for the pods but that few cents difference can be balanced out by their free shipping offer on orders over $75 if you end up purchasing this amount of pods.


One of the best parts of this $75 cashback deal is that you're able to purchase up to five machines per household. This makes it a good opportunity to stock up on Christmas, Birthday and Wedding gifts for the year ahead.

Nescafe are clearly very serious about attracting a large Australian market with this no-nonsense, straightforward and highly attractive deal. Cash back offers of this magnitude have only cropped up a handful of times before in the past. Assuming that you or at least someone you know drinks coffee or hot chocolate, there’s no reason to miss out.

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