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With Mother's Day approaching you can go for the typical gifts or get something more creative, but regardless of your choice and the occasion, the goal remains the same for Buckscoopers - getting good value for your money. It's important not to get blinded by Mother's Day only promotions. Instead focus on general sales, coupon codes and try to stack them, just as you usually do! Here are some tips on gift ideas and examples of ongoing offers to look at this year when buying a present for mum.

As a starting point, books are one of the most favoured gifts for any occasion. There are plenty of suggestions by Booktopia in their Mother's Day Gift Guide category or you could look for a good deal in the sale section. Combine that with the free shipping promo code which they've just issued, and you've got yourself a bargain as well as your mother a neat gift. As an example, a couple of weeks ago I have posted a deal on two titles: M.O.T.H.E.R. - A Tribute to the Most Wonderful Word in the World by Danny Kratz, and Love You, Mum by Alana Wulff, both of which are going for around $5.


Alternatively, if your mother owns an iPad and is into eBooks, you can take advantage of any of the iTunes gift card promos, currently the best one being offered by EB Games. Here you can get two $20 cards for $30, which gives you a 25% discount. Living in this era I could think of several digital gifts which do not need much technical user-knowledge (no offence mum). Uploading pictures of the family on this digital photo frame can turn a modern gadget into a personalised gift. Came across this offer on a Kodak 7" Easyshare frame at Big W, available to collect for just $15 or you could get it delivered for another $9. I consider this to be a good buy, taking into account that it's going for over $40 at other stores, plus it's potentially a hassle-free, easy-to-create and sentimental present.


StrawberryNet Helena Rubinstein setAnything your dear mother can use towards some "me-time" is a safe bet as well. After all, who doesn't like some pampering. Cosmetics, health and beauty products are amongst the most purchased gifts for Mother's Day according to a survey (and common sense) mentioned in this previous blog post. It's worth looking at StrawberryNet for example, who is one of the merchants that regularly pops up on Buckscoop's deals page with unbeatable prices. The last StrawberryNet deal was on a Helena Rubinstein mascara set, where the daily special was combined with an extra 10% off promo, getting you this gift at approximately 60% off the average market price.

Many health and beauty related products can be associated with candles, frangrances, etc. in someone's home. It's common to pay $30 for any of these fancy decor items, so Adairs' giftware at 30% off is yet another option to take into consideration when looking for this year's gift.


Chocolate bouquet at Edible BloomsLast, but not least, there's always the more traditional flowers, chocolate or wine present to give to your loved ones. You'll need to have a budget in the range of $50 to $100 to get a decent bouquet. I find that one of the most reasonably priced flower shop online is Flowers for Everyone, so would recommend checking it out before you head over to your local florist. As a fun alternative you can go for chocolate bouquets from Edible Blooms who have a wide selection available with prices starting from as low as $39. When it comes to wine or sparkling wine, Dan Murphy's often runs good promotions on individual bottles, while typically WineMarket has unbeatable prices on cases of a dozen. Although giving an entire case might not be the most fitting gift for the occasion, some of you may just be willing to make the "sacrifice" and keep the remaining 11 bottles for yourselves (particularly when there's a hot offer available on one). Don't forget to check for free shipping codes on Buckscoop.

And if you're really stuck, with gift cards you just can't go wrong. Although you might not get the best deal on a specific item, they have many advantages and generally gift vouchers are a widely popular choice. You can see the reasons why in the last paragraph of this related blog post from last year.

Bargain hunting should not be limited only for your everyday shopping or personal use. And don't think that saving on your Mother's Day gift makes you look stingy either. On the contrary, any mom would be proud of how smart you've turned out to be.

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