Mother’s Day Gift Ideas - Get In Early & Buy Fabulous Presents At Bargain Prices

Mother’s Day is in 3 weeks time, but thinking ahead can save you some money when opting for the perfect gift for your mom this year. With that in mind, I have collected a few gift ideas, some of which will look familiar to regular Buckscoopers as Mother’s Day gift ideas have already started popping up on the Deals board.

So let’s take a closer look at these bargains with the intention to help you finding an ideal gift for your beloved mother on a budget.


Gifts for under $20


1) Books for below $2 delivered 

Booktopia free shipping promo code - books from $2 deliveredBooktopia’s free delivery promo code doesn’t only serve people on an extremely tight budget, but also gives you an opportunity to burry your mom in gifts. When you can buy books for $2 a pop, many of us get carried away. Does your mother love reading? Here’s your chance to surprise her with a gift/gifts, which could keep her occupied for months to come.

In this deal I had my friends with babies in mind, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of titles in these price ranges to suit your mom's tastes as well  - after all, you know her better than anyone else (besides your dad perhaps). For example, the popular title You Sexy Mother by Jodie Hedley Ward is selling for only $2.95 at Booktopia, for which elsewhere you would be charged over $20 for.


2) Teatime - Maxwell & Williams tea cup for $1.95 each

Maxwell & Williams Bisou Demi Cup & Saucer 100ml for $1.95 each at ZanuiI personally always end up having a cup of tea any time I visit my mom, so getting her a nice set would definitely remind her of the times we’ve spent chatting and laughing over a cuppa. In this deal from Zanui by deal hunter Shazoo, you’ll get a Bisou tea cup with saucer for just $1.95. Thus a set of 6 of this quality porcelain collection by Maxwell & Williams works out at $11.70, which even with the additional shipping costs still remains below the $20 mark at a total of $18.65. Shazoo also suggests in this deal to pick up sugar bowl to complete the set, which has the same price tag of $1.95 available in white/green (the blue one would cost you $3.95).


3) Minkpink sunnies or other accessories

Minkpink sunnies at Dissh for $15This gift idea would suit stylish moms, who like to keep up with the newest trends (or at least try to!). During Dissh’s Midseason sale, you can get your hands on Minkpink sunnies for just $15, but there are plenty of other accessories starting from this price level as well in the sale category. Besides these being pretty reasonably priced gifts, you’re also looking at saving roughly 50% off market prices by buying them at Dissh. Shipping charges are another $5 on top, so you can effectively get a gift for below $20 delivered during this sale.



Gifts for under $40


1) Knits for the winter season

Millers knitwear from $25Millers is running a promo on knitwear, where you’ll find pullovers and ponchos for $20 - $30 a pop. Millers’ collection is very comfortable and stylish, and will certainly keep mom snug and warm during this coming winter. A woman can never have enough clothes and shoes, so it is also a safe bet when you’re stuck for ideas.

I especially like this striped poncho priced at $25 available in white with black or cream stripes. Millers offer free click and collect, but if you prefer to get it delivered for another $10, you’ll still stay below the $40 budget.


2) VS Sassoon Pro Digital Hair Straightener at 50% off

VS Sassoon Pro Digital Straightener for $29.95 at ShavershopYou’ll find this awesome deal on VS Sassoon Pro straightener at ShaverShop, which was brought to our attention by one of Busckscoop’s regular posters, Shazoo. It’s a steal at just $29.95, considering Myer and Harris Scarfe are both charging $60 and $80 for it respectively. Adding the extra $10 in shipping will bring your total to just 5c short of $40. I know you’re thinking of this possibly being one of those gifts which you’ll end up keeping yourself, but in theory you could even pick up two of them for the same price as one elsewhere. :)


3) Cushions 

Pillowtalk cushionsIn this category at Pillowtalk you’ll find some good quality cushions by brands such as Habitat, Aspire and Muse for prices as low as those found over at DealsDirect or Target (some for even cheaper).  There’s a wide selection to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting one matching your mom’s interior at home. Perhaps a bit on the sentimental side, besides being decorative cushions can also represent warmth and comfort making them a "cosier" gift choice than many others. There’s a couple even with heart motifs on if you're relationship with your mom is that way inclined, allowing you to show her how much you love and care about her with this symbolic gift.



Gift for under $60


1) Flowers

Flowers For Everyone LiliesFlowers are the most traditional of gifts on occasions such as Mother’s Day, and an essential for many families - either on their own or to accompany another gift. I have seen various options at Flowers For Everyone priced at around $50, which I believe is a decent price for a nicely arranged bouquet. The Tiger Lily Love is going for exactly $50, meanwhile a very colourful mini bouquet called Fruit Tingles will cost you only $6 more. Delivery at Flowers For Everyone carries an extra charge of $10 on each order.

If flowers are your only gift and you're looking for a more complex and sophisticated arrangement, you would love the Garden Of Memories. Perfumed oriental lilies, pure white roses, silver dusted miller leaves and fluffy white stems are beautifully arranged in a white ceramic pot.


2) Wine

Chardonnay at Dan MurphysThere aren’t many mothers out there who wouldn’t be happy with a nice bottle of wine. From my experience, Chardonnay is the variety which seems to be the most popular amongst mature women. Although many stores offer gift packages and wine in hampers, you’re better off going directly to online bottle’Os such as Dan Murphy’s where you can by wine by the bottle.

A premium quality Chardonnay, such as the Yabby Lake Single Vineyard Chardonnay would cost you $39.99 a bottle (with free delivery if you live in a metro area using Dan’s voucher). This award winning white scored 96 points by James Halliday, and other experts have also given it a fantastic review. Add a gift box to your cart for an extra $3.99 and you’ve got yourself - or actually your mom - a quality, delicious and beautiful gift for a total of $44.


3) Personalised canvas prints

Personalised canvas prints at Big WCanvas prints are the ultimate personalised gifts for any family member. You can pick a photo of you and your mom, or the entire family and print it on a 20x40 canvas at Big W for just $59 at the moment. Your mom will never need to dig up old photo albums to show visitors embarrassing photos of you, not to mention that she will also proudly point out that the picture hanging on the wall was in fact from her perfect son/daughter.



Gifts for under $100


1) Gift hampers

You're The Best Gift Hamper at Bockers & PonyLooking for a gift in the up to $100 price range, you can choose from various gift hampers at Bockers & Pony. In the Mother’s Day section, the most reasonable ones are going for only $69, but you’ll find a wide selection of others still priced below $100. A perfect gift to say “thank you, you’re the best” is a hamper called none other than You’re The Best. It includes a 200g thin of Mother Megs Rum Balls, T2 Loose Leaf Relax Tea and a 270g French Strawberry Champagne Jam by Carla Sweet Emotion. A personalised gift card will be included in the gift box, which is presented with your choice of ribbon and all that for just $69 which in my opinion is a very decent price.

If your mom is more the pampering-type, the Glasshouse Collection may be a more suitable choice. It’s priced at $99 and includes a 100 hour candle, a 200g nourishing body bar and a 125g hand creme, all from the Manhattan Little Black Dress range of Glasshouse. Same as with every gift hamper at Bockers & Pony, this also comes with a ribbon-wrapped gift box and a personalised, printed gift card. Comparing prices with hampers at beauty stores, you’ve definitely got yourself a bargain with this one.


2) Powerbrasion by Skin Doctors

Skin Doctors PowerbrasionI know that anti-wrinkle creams aren’t necessarily the most subtle gift you could give to your mother, but I think most women would be extremely happy with this one, regardless of their age. The Powerbrasion pack was developed to gently remove the top layer of skin to reveal the smooth and fresh one that lies beneath.

Professional treatments would cost you a fortune, so this is a great starting point which you can do at home without any risk of damaging your skin. The kit typically sells for $124 (Priceline, Fishpond, etc.), but I have found it on sale at Your Chemist Shop online for $94.90 including shipping.

This system works as a micro-dermabrasion and exfoliation treatment in one, with which you can achieve professional results within your home. The product description indicates that you’ll see your skin renew in as little as 10 days, making you look young, glowing and beautiful. It helps you get rid of wrinkles, imperfections and dead skin cells.


3) Dinner, massage, or hair styling

Experience voucher at LivingSocialAlternatively, if your mother who has enough stuff at home and you know she would be happier with an experience, you can spoil her by purchasing a voucher for one from LivingSocial. Depending on your location, you can get her a massage, hair styling appointment or even take out the entire family for dinner for roughly $100.

In Perth for example, you can get her a 60 min full-body massage treatment (provided by a male therapist as a bonus) until the 7th of August at Heavenly Massages in Dalkeith (WA 6009). LivingSocial is selling the vouchers for $99, which is a 63% discount on their original value of $270.

For the same price of $99, if your folks live in Brisbane your mom could enjoy a style cut, blow dry and colour at Chester and Leopold in Newstead (QLD 4006). For walk in customers, the hairdressing salon would charge $235 for this, so it’s definitely a good value buy.

LivingSocial restaurant voucherIn Sydney, if you chip in another $10 (a total of $109) you can take your family out for a 7 dish Greek feast. If you have a sibling, you could share the cost on this gift, because the menu is valid for 4 people which includes pita, salad, lamb, mousaka and other traditional Greek dishes and a dessert. I’m sure any mother would enjoy spending an evening out with her closest family without having to cook, do the dishes or in this case without paying for the bill at Hellenic, located in central Sydney (NSW 2000).



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