Money Saving Health Checks to Complete on your Roof

If you don’t live in a new build then it can pay to check the health of your roof at least once a year for any damages. Global warming has been the result of adverse weather conditions and may cause your roof some damage over time.

Today we are going to look at some of the roof checks you can do yourself in efforts to save money on hiring roofing professionals. If you have any stories to share, please feel free to use the comments section at the end of the blog to let us know.


Retiling a roofRepairing a roof is one of the most expensive home repairs you can do, so if you can save some money here and there it can really make a difference. Did you know that a 170 square metre tiled roof could cost $11,000 - $14,000 to fully repair. Large roofs at roughly 450 square meters having their colour bond replaced, downpipes and gutters replaced can cost over $33,000.

So, before you attempt any money saving tips, get a copy of your local re-roofing regulations to ensure you act within the law, because doing something different will cost you even more money to correct.



Inside Inspection / Ventilation

The first thing to do is complete an internal inspection, this can reveal any sagging or other forms of damage. This is also a great money saving tip because this will be the first thing your roofing company will do and you can do it yourself for free. If you can’t notice anything obvious the next step is to check your ventilation. Moisture build-up and condensation is one of the main causes of roof damage because it can cause the wood to rot. If you can gain access to the vents then check for blockages e.g. leaves, moss, dead animals etc.


unblocking guttersUnblocking Gutters

Blocked or damaged gutters can cause serious damage to your property due to water build up. A pooling of water anywhere on a building can cause it to run down the surface and into your foundations. The first check you can do is to take a walk around your property and check for sagging gutters before even getting the ladder out.

If you notice sagging within the water drainage, start by clearing the debris and leaves within the gutter and then check to see if water still pools when it’s clear. If pooling still occurs, check to see that the gutter us correctly connected to your wall and that there are no signs of tearing away. If the gutter can still be used, but it is sagging try reattaching it to the wall with masonry nails.



This harmless looking plant life can actually be the opposite for the health of your roof. It causes moisture build up and during the summer it can spread rapidly, so try catching it before it spreads out of control. Save money on buying any products, because the most cost effective way to remove moss is with a stiff broom or metal brush.


Loose / Damaged Tiles

Unfortunately the only way to check for damaged / loose tiles is to climb onto the roof and if you don’t feel confident enough to do this then do not attempt it. If you contact a roofing company then you can expect to pay well within the thousands, but your roof will be completely checked over and restored. However, if this is something you feel capable of doing then ensure you have the following safety equipment:

  • Extension ladder
  • Safety harness
  • 700kg breaking strain rope
  • Soft sole shoes with grip

If you don’t intend on repairing the roof yourself, you can save money simply by checking what problems exist before contracting a company to complete the work. This way you will have a better idea of what jobs need to be completed and what might not be necessary.


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