Merry Christmas from PlayStation with a 20 Year Anniversay Sale

This Christmas if you are looking forward to receiving PlayStation games or know somebody asking for them, this guide will surely give you a glimpse into where the best deals are lurking. 

PlayStation's 20th Anniversary sale is offering up some great gaming discounts, as I'll outline below. Essentially, it's been put together to appeal to both new-comers and veterans of the platform, as it consists of classic gaming franchises on the PS3, PS2 and even PS One. For any PS4 console owners, you'll be pleased to know that Sony also have a "12 Deals of Christmas" sale running in parallel which covers a number of popular titles (see link at the end of this post). So hopefully this guide will help you find discounted prices for that special gamer in your life, even if that happens to be you.


Firstly, in other gaming headlines Australia has experienced the banning of one of the biggest games in recent history. The announcement came from Target and Kmart this week that they will no longer stock GTA V. The decision came after a petition was raised with 41,000 signatures against the game and how it depicts violence towards woman. Nobody knows if other retailers will follow suit at this point. So first things first, where can you still get GTA V and for how much? Also, is GTA V and a range of other games from Sony during their PlayStation’s discount 20-year sale any cheaper?

The following is a list of popular PS3 titles available in this sale via the Playstation Store, with a comparison of what they cost versus physical copies from recognised gaming retailers.



By clicking the link above you can view the entire list of games both mentioned in this post as well as available in Sony's sale. However, to buy a game you must be logged into your PlayStation account - otherwise, if you go to sales page and click on any of the links with your laptop, do not be surprised if you receive a ‘404 message’. GTA V is on sale from the 10th to 24th December 2014. The PS Store price works out to be 47% or $17.05 cheaper than the next cheapest price according to these price comparisons:

  • Ozgamesshop: Pre-order     $50.99
  • Dick Smith:                             $49.98
  • EB Games:                              $47.00
  • PlayStation:                            $29.95


Tomb Raider on PS3Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider will also be on sale until 24th December 2014. If you purchase this game from the PS Store, it looks like you will be paying 47% less than if you were to buy the game physically in-store. Please remember to view this game and all the others, click the 20-Year sale link above.

  • Ozgamesshop:           $62.99
  • Dick Smith:                 $30
  • EB Games:                  $28
  • Playstation:                $14.95


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

COD:BOPs 2 is one of the all time greats and will be on sale from the 10th December, running all through until the 24th December 2014. Once again, PlayStation have beaten the next cheapest price on a physical copy, this time by 27% or $9.04:

  • Ozgamesshop:           $33.99
  • Dick Smith:                 $50
  • EB Games:                  $36
  • PlayStation:                $24.95


Burnout Paradise on PS3Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise is a great car game with a slightly different twist to all the other car racing games. You can get your hands on it for only $10.54, which is a whole $17 cheaper than the only other place that currently stocks it in Oz which I could find. Again you have until Christmas Eve to get this item on sale.

  • Ozgamesshop: $27.54
  • PlayStation: $10.54


What you will have noticed from the above, is that the games sold by PlayStation within this 20 year anniversary sale are consistently cheaper. In some cases, by more than 45% less than other well-known retailers. Something else to be aware of is that PlayStation Plus members will receive an additional 10% discount off listed prices.

This PS Plus member discount is available on the majority of PS3 games, but also extends through to certain PS One games, one PS2 game (Medal of Honour), the majority of PS Vita games and the only PSP game (Ridge Racer). Its easy to spot which ones are included so don’t worry.

One aspect of this sale which I particularly like, is that whilst you can get some great prices on current and classic games, you can also pick up a wide selection of titles that would otherwise be quite difficult to get hold of (even pre-owned). For PS One veterans, a couple of the available titles worth mentioning are: Tomb Raider, Driver, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot and Tekken. You may be able to pick up a few of these games in questionable pre-owned condition, but here get your hands on new digital versions to re-live those classic memories.

Christmas Sale from Playstation


For the PS2, there's a limited section of five games. However, it does have one of my favourites, GTA Vice City, and to some extent Medal of Honour: European Assault. PS3 gamers have a wider selection with some great titles (as I've listed above) as well as some slightly lesser known titles too, which could offer some interesting game time to the mix. If you happen to be a PS Vita gamer, there are a number of titles available too based on the ones I've mentioned above. As far as the PS Vita games go, these will only be available until the 17th December 2014.


Lastly, as mentioned in the start of this post, Sony are also hosting a ‘12 deals of Christmas’ sale where a selection of different games are released for 12 consecutive days at discounted prices, starting on the 1st December. The sale has games for all consoles, including PS4.

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