Maximising Ezibuy Discounts with Signup Promo Code Trick

I've discovered a trick to maximise the level of discounts you can get when signing up with EziBuy online. Not only will you receive a series of EziBuy promo codes, but they can also be used on the clearance category - in which EziBuy regularly has heavily discounted items on sale. Using this trick, I've managed to find many things at dirt cheap prices including this stylish handbag as well as a sleeveless, boatneck dress for a fraction of their original list prices:

European Collection Bowling Bag with Studs - originally $79.99, now $9. Heine Gathered Dress – originally $149.99, now $15.


Right, here's what I did in order to get the promo codes required to leverage the biggest discounts on items in the clearance category.  

  • I signed up with EziBuy and received a free shipping promo code via email (unique to each member) which was valid for a week, saving me $9.90 on postage.
  • By not using the code, after a few days I was emailed an additional $20 off promo code from EziBuy valid for two weeks.
  • I decided not to use that code either and about a week before it expired, I received yet another offer enticing me to make a purchase  - this time in the form of a generous $30 off promo code (also valid for two weeks from the date of receiving it).

If you reach this point, you've effectively got two promo codes at your disposal, with an overlapping validity of a week, allowing you to get up to $50 off at EziBuy if you purchase during this period. The only thing you need to be aware of is that they cannot be stacked together in one transaction, so can only be used on separate purchases.

For the deal on the Heine Gathered dress above, I found it in the clearance section reduced from its original price of $149.99 to $45.00. It is available in sizes 36-46 (except 44). Applying the promo code will get you another $30 off, to which you'll need to add shipping charges of $9.90 giving you a final price of $24.90. This is still a steaming bargain for a dress like this.

Capture Crochet and Raffia wedges at EziBuy

Then I spotted a pair of Capture Crochet and Raffia wedges on sale for $25, down from $59.99. They're available in two colours, raspberry (sizes 8 & 9) and green (sizes 8 to 11). This time I used the $20 off code which brought the price down to a ridiculously low $5! Add on shipping and you're still sitting on a pretty sweet deal at $14.90 a pair. EziBuy unfortunately doesn't offer a minimum spending threshold to qualify for free shipping, so you're not going to be able to avoid this charge.

Now, I can not guarantee this trick will work forever, or that you will receive the exact same promotional offers which I did. Also worth noting is that the length of time it took for me to receive the third email with the $30 off code was about 13 days after signing up. So I suggest you do this sooner rather than later if you want the best chance of being able to capitalise on this loophole.

Another very interesting discovery I made in all this, was when I applied the promo code at checkout without being logged in, it still gave me the relevant discount.

Make a comment if you have anything to add, or let us know in case you have not received promo extensions from Ezibuy.

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