Maximise Your Choice with the Coles Group & Myer Gift Card

Coles Group & Myer are one of the largest retail chains in Australia. For this reason, the act of giving somebody a gift card or gift voucher from them greatly enhances their shopping experience by allowing them to shop at this mega-store. Every single Coles Group & Myer gift card opens up around 2,900 retail stores to shop at. From Kmart and Target to Coles Express and Vintage Cellars, the range of stores and offerings is simply unbeatable.



Where to Get a Coles Group & Myer Gift Card

There are two basic ways to get your hands on one of these group gift cards. Firstly, you can head down to Target, Coles Express, Coles, Officeworks, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and 1st Choice Liquor Superstores to pick one up. Take note, however, that if you choose to buy your gift card directly from one of these retailers, then you will only be able to redeem it at that specific retailer.

The second method for getting one of these cards is for those who prefer having more freedom when it comes to gift card redemption. Purchasing them over the internet at their online store, means they will be valid across all Coles Group & Myer retail stores.   


Buying & Redeeming

Each gift card can be loaded with any amount between $5 and $500. However, once you load your gift card with a particular dollar value, you cannot change it. Redeeming is as simple as handing it over at the checkout counter in-store to purchase something of the card's value, or less.

You cannot use your gift card to make credit card or store card payments, while online purchases are not allowed either. It's worth noting too that some stores may carry their own restrictions on certain products or services which apply to gift-card transactions, so keep an eye out for these or ask a member of staff if unsure. Each Coles Group & Myer gift card is valid for a period of 2-years from the date of issue. It's possible at any point in time to find out about the validity details by calling up their customer services on 1300 304 990.


Other Important Terms & Conditions to Be Aware of

Important Terms and Conditions of Coles Group and Myer gift cards

You should be aware that not every one of these gift cards is valid across the entire range of stores. Certain ones like Kmart New Zealand or any of the various licensee-outlets such as PixieFoto, Zumay Salon, Laubman & Pank, Nespresso, etc. are not included under the gift card umbrella. You cannot use one gift card to buy another gift card. There can also be delays in the time it takes for the dollar value to register on the gift card. During that period, you will not be able to use the gift card to make any specific purchases.

When you make a purchase of a lesser value than your gift card limit, the remaining balance will stay on your gift card for you to use, at your discretion, in the future. If you are buying something that is worth more than the dollar value of your Coles Group & Myer gift card, you may bundle another payment option with your gift card to pay off the entire amount for your purchase. You cannot exchange or cancel your gift cards although you can exchange items that were bought with a gift card as long as it is in line with the returns-policy of the store where you are making the exchange.


Finding a Good Deal on Coles Group & Myer Gift Cards

Now that you know everything you need to know about using the Coles Group & Myer gift card, finding the best deal becomes the next logical step. However, coming across any kind of discount on these cards is notoriously difficult on the main market. From what I've seen, there are only a handful of offers that pop up during any given year and are normally from one of the Coles Group department stores directly. So you need to keep a close eye on announcements from these retailers as their offers are likely to be for a short period of time only and snapped up quickly if stocks are limited. Right now has a 1% discount on $100 gift cards although they are only valid for 12 months.

When on the hunt for deals on these cards, your next best bet is to begin by looking at deals and bargains sites like Buckscoop to see if any savvy online shoppers have spotted an offer (as they're usually the first ones). Otherwise, you may get lucky contacting sellers on auction websites like eBay who are looking to shift multiple cards at a discount. If you decide to do so though, make sure you check out the validity on these cards before you buy them. It would be a real pity to purchase $100 worth of cards at 10% discount only to find out a few weeks later that they expired a few days after you'd bought them.

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