Marks and Spencer free delivery to Australia = Bargains if you double up with other promos

Marks and Spencer have a free shipping to Australia promo on at the moment. This is worth a look purely from the point of view that anything out of the Marks and Spencer inventory may be a good price when the £15 shipping charge is removed.

Examples of offers that when you double up with the free shipping become not bad value.

91 different kids pyjama products selling for between £5 and £13. As  you'd expect from Marks and Spencer a lot of these are pure cotton. Sizing covers off ages 1 to 7 and 5 to 14 in boys and girls gear. £50 would see your junior with sufficient PJ's for the next, in theory, 14 years.

Buy two body butters for £9.50. Normally £7.50 each. Given that shipping would be more than the product cost its not a bad deal.

Buy one get one half price on Natures Extracts products. Given that quite a few of these are priced at £1 you'd technically be able to pay £1.50 for the two delivered.

Buy one get one half price on Cowley Manor bath and body range.

Buy one get one half price on mens sartorial luxury shirts. This is a pretty good deal. Marks & Sparks work shirts are good quality. You end up with 2 good quality work shirts for £59.25 ($86 ro so) delivered.

And then there's the March sale which begins at 8pm GMT today the 11th. This lot spans mens, womens and kids clothing, Lingerie, Beauty, Gifts and outlet. There's other stuff there like furniture but they wont ship them to Australia. A few things worth looking at - up to 50% off Per Una womens tops & t-shirts - you can get these for between £11.50 and £17.50

Per Una Pebble Print Camisole £11.50 - free shipping at Marks and SpencerPer Una 3/4 sleeve cotton floral blouse £14.50 - free shippingPer Una Floral & Spot Print Blouse - free shipping at Marks and Spencer.Per Una Bolero with Camisole - free shipping at Marks and Spencer


Or these cotton work shirts for between £16 and £20 each.

Pure cotton quick iron check + free shipping to australiaNon iron textured striped shirt + free shipping to AustraliaDri-guard short sleeve striped shirt + free shipping to Australia


I have no idea when the free shipping to Australia promo from Marks and Spencer ends but I figure it will almost definately be over by end of the month.

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