LivingSocial Throws Up Some Top-Notch Product Deals This Month

LivingSocial Australia is generally known for being a daily deals site centred around purchasing as well as sharing the best activities happening in your city. This can include everything from weekend excursions to exclusive gourmet dinners.

However, as Buckscoop tends to have more of a focus on deals for physical products (rather than experience-based ones), we've decided to share our top bargain picks from LivingSocial during July so far. The one good thing about these physical product deals over experience orientated ones is that they're not location dependent. So no matter where you are, you should have no problem placing an order online and having the order shipped to your doorstep.

Note, all of the following deals include shipping costs for a Sydney metro address. Therefore, your costs may vary depending on where you are located. Be sure to visit Buckscoop's Vouchers page to check for any active Living Social promo codes prior to making a purchase, as these can often help in offsetting shipping costs.   


Ugg boots Ranging Between $59 and $99 (Before Delivery)

LivingSocial has a range of Ugg boots on sale.  The cheapest pairs starting at only $59 are the Kids 2-button styles, while the most expensive ones (the ladies Bailey bow boots) go for $99. Shipping will cost you another $9.95 per item, so beware of this as ordering two pairs effectively doubles your shipping charges. Basically, you'll maximise your savings compared to market prices on these boots by ordering a single pair instead of multiples.

Taking a look at prices elsewhere, the kids buttoned Ugg boots start at $132 at all other stores online. Meanwhile, prices on the women's Bailey back bow boots seem to range from between $129 up to $199 (excluding delivery) from other stores such as Auzland, Aussie Ugg Wear, Classic Ugg Boots, Australian Gear, All thing Australia, The One Australia, Top Ugg Boots, etc.

This deal expires in 2 days time on the 14th of July.


2 x 6 Month Supply Of Frontline Plus For Large Dogs For $105 (Before Delivery)

2-Pack of Frontline Plus for Large DogsAnother great value for money offer is this one on two pack bundles of a six month supply of Frontline Plus for cats and dogs. It also comes with a free tick remover tool. The bundles for cats, small and medium dogs are priced at $99 each, while the purple pack for large dogs is going for $105. Should you own a dog which weighs over 40kg, then it'll cost you $4 extra for the Frontline Plus bundle ($109). Delivery charges on each order works out at $5.95.

These Frontline pipettes for large dogs from other outlets are priced between $140 and $180 with shipping at sites like, Deals Direct and most other online pet stores. Pets Megastore was the only other retailer to have them listed for less than $140 at a price of $124.95 delivered making it the next best offer online.


3 x 8 Pack Of Gillette Mach3 Razor Cartridges For $39.95 (Shipping Included)

24 Gillette Mach 3 razor cartridges

Another top deal pick at LivingSocial has to be this 3 pack bundle of Gillette Mach3 razors. Each pack has 8 razors inside giving you 24 in total for $35. Shipping costs are an additional $4.95, but it's still a very competitive price for this quantity of Mach3 razors.

Chemist Warehouse, Your Discount Chemist, Ephamarcy, Woolies, Priceline, and several other stores have each 8 pack of the Mach3 cartridges selling for over $24. This means that buying three of the 8 packs would cost you a minimum of $72 before taking any shipping charges into account.

There are 5 days remaining on this deal.


Things To Know Online Orders At LivingSocial

- Should the delivery date not be specified once the Dispatch Confirmation for your order comes through, expect it to be delivered within 3-4 weeks of the confirmation.

- They recommend that you allow an additional week for delivery to WA, NT, far north Queensland and remote areas.

- LivingSocial does not make deliveries to P.O. Boxes and all delivery address must be street addresses.

- They operate a Good Deal Guarantee which basically means you have five days from purchase within which to request a no questions asked full refund (you will need to return any defective or damaged products first though be this refund is approved).

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