Lite n' Easy Meals For Money Saving And Weight Management

Whether you're trying to lose weight, or cooking for one, people's reasons for choosing food delivery services such as Lite n' Easy seem to differ as much as the people themselves.
We've had a few Lite n' Easy promotion codes over the last year, but at the moment the only offer on the website seems to be 15% off for some existing customers. It's worth keeping an eye out though, as they sometimes do 10% or 15% off offers for new or returning customers.
Even when there are no Lite n' Easy coupons about, it's worth checking out, because as well as benefiting your health and your waist line, Lite 'n Easy could be saving you money.
A good friend of mine has five children. Her husband works away from home and is gone for at least two weeks of every month. When he's not home, she cooks for the children, cares for them, and gets them to bed, by which time she's so exhausted, she pretty much just goes to bed herself. If she's not eaten - what with feeding the older two, the two year old and the the nine month olds - her health quickly suffers. She signed up with Lite n' Easy for the quick dinners and the light and easy meals. No pun intended.
She's firmly of the opinion that not only is she eating better, but the Lite 'n Easy meals are saving her money, because cooking for one meant she often overbought and ended up binning food anyway, because she was too tired to prepare it and would get a take away instead.
Looking at the Lite and Easy prices you'll see that they aren't exactly cheap, but as some of the reviewers across the web state, you're saving money by not eating out, and that's a huge saving. Both my parents hate cooking so they eat out multiple times a week - this would definitely save them money.
With prices starting at $60.50 for five dinners ($63.50 in WA) and heading up to a 7 Day - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner option for $166 ($169 in WA) it's certainly not the most cost effective way of eating, but it's not too far off base either.
The menu options are hit and miss, if the reviews are to be believed. Many people recommend the pastas, and the rice isn't particularly loved. In general people seem to say they are pleasantly surprised with the meals, and that you quickly find what you like and want to order again.
As compared to a veg box or similar, there's nothing to add here. Your pack comes complete with your snacks for the day, your deserts, everything - and yes, there are some desert options too!
Whether you're looking to lose some weight, save some money or simplify your week day routines, keep an eye out for the discount codes which can see you take up to and over $20 off your week's food bill, or bonuses for being a first time customer.

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