Lite n Easy Meal Plan Prices - Healthy Eating That Takes Your Time, Weight and Wallet Into Consideration

Lite n’ Easy offers various meal plans which are a perfect fit for either those who would like to lose weight or people who simply don't have the time to prepare dinner every day. The prices are not that steep to start with if you consider what you get for your money (a freshly prepared, healthy meal every day delivered to your home), and right now you can shave a further 15% off those prices by using this latest promo code.

If you look at Lite n’ Easy’s weekly calorie meal plans, prices drop in accordance with the calories (and hopefully your weight will follow the example as well). For $135 you’ll receive breakfast, lunch and dinner, including snacks each day for a week, all healthy, freshly prepared and tasty according to customer reviews. 15% off that will drop your costs to $114.75 to have the 1200 Calorie Meal Plan delivered to an address in NSW.

But how do these prices stand up to other healthy diet or eating plan services out there?   

Well, another option would be to join Weightwatchers, where you’ll have to pay for the membership at a minimum of  $98.95 for 3 months. That’s $33 per month just in membership fees, before even having a bite to eat. Adding up the prices of a cook book with a decent variety of easily preparable, healthy recipes as well as having to shop for all the ingredients and snacks at the supermarket (not to mention the time it takes cook or prepare every meal), it very quickly becomes evident that Lite n’ Easy’s $114.75 weekly fee is a pretty reasonable offer. The convenience factor in particular is something which many people assign significant value to as a result of having limited free time due to their busy work and family lives.

Lite n' Easy calorie count

If you're somebody who ends up ordering takeaways instead, because you do not have time to cook at home, Weightwatchers’ program recommends choosing organic takeaways and thai food as a healthy option low in calories. This in turn will cost you somewhere in the region of $17 per meal, except that the minimum order for takeaways at many restaurants starts at between $20 to $30. So let's say you end up paying $20 per dinner, that would cost you $140 for 7 days, which only covers you for one of your meals each day.

For those of you who do not want to lose weight or do not need the full menu, Lite n’ Easy also offers dinners only, priced at $75.50 ($64 after the 15% off promo code has been applied) for 7 days. That's less than half price of a week’s worth of regular takeaways. If you compare this price to ready made frozen dishes, it is still pretty competitive. Using $6 as an average price per meal (based on Woolworths’ selection) this adds up to $42 in 7 days (without any shipping charges), and many health conscious people would say that paying $22 more a week (only an extra $3 per dinner!) and getting a freshly prepared meal delivered to your front door is definitely worth it.

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