Liquidate Your Old Handsets and Have Cash in Your Bank Within 10 Days

The mobile phone world has seen a big shake up in recent weeks due to the new launch of the new iPhone and new Samsung Alpha. With the run up to the festive holidays, people will no doubt be considering an upgrade. Whether your intentions are to save up more money for your friends and family, or you would like to chop in your old handset and get a new one, for as little expenditure as possible, I can show you one of the best options available.

A statistic released on the news in Australia revealed that all the old mobile phones, even that old Nokia you keep in your drawer, combined across the country are all worth in the region of $840 million dollars. So how do you increase your savings, liquidate redundant assets and get rid of junk in your house? Keep reading to find out how you can free up this otherwise useless capital so that you can afford more shopping or reduce your monthly mortgage repayment.


There are a good selection of platforms to sell your old mobile phone on, such as eBay and Gumtree. However, these sites depend on an individual finding your mobile phone and then wanting to buy it. This method has been tarnished with dodgy handsets being received by unfortunate buyers. So as a result companies have noticed this gap in the market and begun buying old mobiles. For example a company called Bounce, will buy your phone off you. The entire process takes around 10 mins and can pay up to $250 for your old handset.

The website is very simple to use; simply enter your phone model name and number into the search bar, get a quote for its value, then collect your cash via PayPal or bank transfer. The great thing is that there are no shipping costs either related to the sale. Simply select which method you would like to be paid via, and arrange for courier to collect the device.


What is the Selling Process

The process is very quick and simple, sell your phone and get your money.

  • Enter your device model into the search
  • Receive an immediate quote for your device
  • If you accept the value, sign up and check out
  • Bounce Mobile will send you a prepaid envelope to send your phone in
  • Seal the envelope with your reference paper and mobile inside
  • Send the envelope by either arranging collection or dropping it off at the post office

Whilst you wait for your pre-paid envelope to arrive, you will be required to complete and identity check on the Bounce website. This is to prove you are who you say you are and actually live at that address. The documents you will be required to provide are:

  • Copy of a drivers license / passport
  • Copy of a utility bill

You can either scan a copy and send it back within the envelope or take a picture with your phone, camera and upload it to the website directly.


What else should I be aware about?

What is the selling process of Bounce MobileReviews on other websites have stated that after following the above steps, the pre-paid envelope was on their doorstep within 48 hours, if not sooner. 99% of the time it would also be much easier to drop the envelope into the post office, because this wont require you to sit around waiting for the courier.

When returning your mobile, there will be different rates applied for different states. Effectively this means that if your handset is in pristine condition, you will receive the full amount quoted to you. If you device is damaged or other wise unusable, a discounted amount will be sent to you.

The envelope containing your mobile phone will roughly take around 5 working days to arrive at the Bounce Mobile office. A number of reviews also left information stating that a Bounce Mobile representative called them up once receiving the handset to confirm the amount payable.


Why I recommend Bounce

  • They pay for the postage and packaging
  • Money is received quickly
  • They offer competitive prices to other sites
  • Customer service has been reviewed as very good

Other methods of selling your old stuff (which you'd probably just end up throwing away otherwise), usually require you to pay for posting the item, as in the case of on eBay for example. The process of auctioning via eBay is also unlikely to meet your monetary expectations, plus it requires you to pay money to advertise on their website to begin with.

Over all, if you have mobile phones to get rid of, take the easy option and get that cash back into your bank account with as little stress as possible. If only selling all your old things was as easy as using Bounce.

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