Last Minute, Cheap and Easy Costume Ideas for Halloween

When Halloween rolls around each year there will be some of us who choose to ignore the trick or treat visitors at our front doors, that’s easy enough. But Halloween parties are a little harder to ignore, especially if your friends or work colleagues are attending. So if you have been invited to a Halloween party but are yet to scramble to pick up an outfit somewhere, then these cheap, easily accessible costume ideas should be ideal.

There's no reason to join "that group" of party goers who show up in normal clothes only to receive slanderous comments from everyone else who made an effort. Embrace the fun, save yourself time and money by choosing one of these lazy costume ideas, that you can literally pick up on your way home from work before going out.


Death Costume from Sandman Comic

Death (Comic: Sandman) – Female Costume

Ideal for girls with brunette hair, you can get away with quite a convincing Death character from the Sandman comic with little effort at all. Simply dress yourself in a black singlet dress, some dark lipstick (ideally black) and to finish it off, cut yourself an ankh out of some cardboard and attach it to your necklace. Don’t like the idea of cutting out, pick up some cheap plastic fangs and tell everybody you’re Marceline from Adventure Time.

Try checking out Priceline, they have a dark chocolate lipstick available for $4.99.


Son of Man Halloween Costume IdeaSon of Man (Artist: Rene Magritte) – Male Costume

If you had plans of going out straight after work, preferably in your suit, why not add some class to the party and dress up as Rene Magritte’s 1964 painting, Son of Man. There are only three elements to this costume, a suit, an apple and a bowler hat. Pick up a relatively small apple, attach it to a piece of string and attach that string to your bowler hat, (Staples will work) and costume complete.

If you don’t have an apple or a bowler hat, pick up a single Pink Lady apple at Woolworths for $0.52c. A cheap hat option can be bought at, such as their very reasonable black plastic top hat for $3.99.


Droog (Movie: A Clockwork Orange) - Unisex

This one may be a little more main stream, but again only consists of 3 elements. Get your hands on bowler hat, some belt suspenders and fake eyelashes (or use a pen) and you have all the right components to pass yourself off as Droog. have a satin black bowler hat for $25.99, but their black plastic hat will do just the same job for $3.99, as mentioned in the above costume. If you don’t own any fake eyelashes, pick up some cheap glam eyelashes, which are 20% off at for $3.19, or simply draw them on with a pen as shown in the picture.

Droog Halloween Costume Idea


Sports Person - Unisex

Maybe you play sport regularly and have your sports attire to hand, simply whack it on, grab your equipment if its applicable such as your racket, bat etc, costume complete.

Rugby Kit Costume Idea


Error 404 Costume Not Found404 Error Message - Unisex

Bound to resonate well with most people, this costume is so simple. Grab an old plain white t-shirt and simply write “404 Costume not Found” with a felt tip pen.



Men In Black Costume Ideas

MIB / CIA (Movie: Men in Black) - Unisex

Another simple costume that will help you play the part, with no financial outlay what so ever. Simply put on your black suit, (dark suit also works) and a pair of sunglasses. You now have everything you need to look like Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones in the movie Men in Black.

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