Kudos to Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes for running good deals direct off their branded site.

Just recently, Quiksilver caught my attention with their sales, which encouraged me to write this blog post about the group - Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes - the surf n’ turf of Australia. The main focus is on those services, offers and conditions, which are worth looking into when searching for Quiksilver gear I'll go over the general blurb, promo codes and then shipping. To keep from confusing myself I've referred to the trio as Quiksilver as what I've written applies equally across all three.

Quiksilver watch deal on BuckscoopQuiksilver’s sales almost always have a good few competitively priced items, plus they tend to have a full range of sizes. The competitive pricing is a surprise as it seems that in the majority of cases brands’ official online stores keep their prices around 30% above market rate. This is no doubt as protection for their distributors. Quiksilver doesn't seem to have that hangup and often has the lowest prices I can find on select items plus they do Australia-wide free delivery regardless of the order amount. A couple of deals that illustrate this are this Santa Monica wallet for $11.99 or the Slam Watch for $29.99, both delivered. Now onto their codes......

In addition they tend to be prolific promoters, almost constantly running supplementary things like bonus gift items or promo codes. Quiksilver promo codes are almost always tied to a minimum spend threshold, whether it’s for a free gift item (in most cases a watch, a towel or a bag) or for an extra 20-30% off your purchase. Generally these codes are valid for months and shortly after one expires another one gets released. One thing they aren't is consistent when it comes to the typical level or offering. Their promo codes are all over the place. Think dogs breakfast. What that means is that there is not really any point in waiting till they put out that 40% off code.... it may never happen again. Make the most of whatever is available at the time your buying.

Quiksilver free shippingQuiksilver run free shipping as standard and they don't have any restrictions. Everything is shipped free, breakables, bulky and heavy items (think snowboards, skateboards and luggage) and there's no min spend. Kudos to Quiksilver here though you'd sort of expect the manufacturers to have their distribution channels pinned down. I personally find it annoying when whats otherwise a good price is destroyed by stupid shipping charges. We've looked at the effect of shipping on a deal many times on Buckscoop most recently in this blog post. Express shipping is also available at Quiksilver for $6.95, and will reduce delivery time to 1-2 days or no more than 5 days to rural areas. Occasionally there’s a promo code from Quiksilver which will upgrade your purchase from free standard to free express shipping but they arent regular or even particularly common.

All told, credit to these guys for the deals they are doing direct. Its not often manufacturers do good deals off their own sites.

Quiksilver Roxy DC Shoes

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