Know what to buy for Mother’s Day 2013

Know what to buy for Mother’s Day 2013

As Mother’ s Day 2013 begins its approach on the 12th of May, the more on-the-ball types of you out there may have already been giving some thought as to what to get dear old mum this year. To provide some initial guidance, an interesting survey which was done by a few years ago shows the results for the top 5 categories of Mother’s Day gifts purchased during the year:

  1. A gift voucher (53%)
  2. A book or CD (32%)
  3. Perfume or beauty products (24%)
  4. Jewellery or a watch (22%)
  5. Something for the garden (16%)

If you’re someone that generally struggles to find the perfect gift then don’t stress too much as the number one category above indicates that you’re not alone in this respect. However, gift vouchers are no longer considered the “cop out” present as some would suggest. Their growing popularity in Australia over recent years means that they tend to be very well received by recipients these days. According to a report by the Australian National Retailers‟ Association (“ANRA”) in March 2012 this is down to the fact that gift cards are easy and affordable to mail, the recipient gets to choose the gift according to their own preferences while also being able to enjoy the retail experience of purchasing at the same time. For anyone who is dead against the idea of giving gift cards though, then you should at least know what NOT to get instead. Here’s what DealsDirect’s survey revealed in terms of the top unwanted gifts:

  1. A cleaning appliance (58%)
  2. Fitness equipment (50%)
  3. A foot spa (45%)
  4. A kitchen gadget or appliance (37%)
  5. Flowers or a gift from a petrol station or convenience store (34%)

With all this in mind, don’t forget to also keep an eye on the Buckscoop site over the coming weeks as well be posting some top deals and vouchers from the bulk of Australian merchants in the run up to Mother’s Day 2013.


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