Kids Play Tent and Tunnel Set $14.95 @ Deals Direct

There's a great price on a Kids Play Tent and Tunnel Set at Deals Direct. They're selling this little bit of child-heaven for $14.95 (with around $9.95 for delivery, and 10% off if you sign up for their birthday offer) bringing it to $23.40. The same thing is available from eBay for $40 delivered - in fact there's one for AU $116.95!

So, this Play Tent and Tunnel set is perfect for backyard and outdoor play, but we actually have one up in our playroom too, and the kids love it. Today a friend dropped by to delivery something and her son was in the tent within two minutes! Brilliant.

The reviews on it are quite mixed though - some say it's great, others aren't so keen. I guess if you're paying this price for it, expect a couple of wobbles, but from my own experience, I reckon it's money very well spent!

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