Kathmandu Sale See Tops, Polypros, Hats and Gloves Dropping To Under $10

Kathmandu don't exactly have a reputation for cheap and cheerful pricing on their goods, especially with competition from the likes of brands such as Mountain Equipment, Anaconda, and Macpac. However, their recent spate of sales have begun showing signs of good value for money appearing on the scene.

This culminated in yesterday's announcement of their launch of an up to 70% off sale where a number of affordable items are now readily available both online and in-store. This includes things such as long sleeve tops, polypro garments, hats and gloves for under a tenner. Unfortunately their free shipping promo code expired on Thursday. However if you've been waiting for a good time to wade in a buy Kathmandu goods at a reasonable price level, well right now is about as good as it's going to get.  


PolyPRO Long Sleeve Top v2 at KathmanduTo demonstrate how low prices have dropped on some items, you'll see from this deal that went up last night that you can get a bike saddle seat for just $7.98. You'll also find hats from $4.99 and gloves for $7.99. In another Buckscoop deal, which is marked as expired, it looks as though the prices mentioned on PolyPro tops (short and long sleeved) as well as leggings are still "on clearance" from only $9.95 (both men's and women's). Although admittedly now limited to just one style at this price range.

Arrowsmith Mid Boot Mens from KathmanduAlso listed in the clearance section offering great value are hiking boots for $59.99. So when taking into consideration that over at Anaconda, Mountain Designs and Ray's Outdoors all hiking boots, even the ones on sale, are going for over $100 then these are definitely worth a second look at under 60 bucks.


A tip for anyone purchasing online at Kathmandu at the moment, if you're looking at a specific product and it's showing as "out of stock" try returning to the previous page which lists all the items together and then using the "+ Quick Add" button (by hovering over the product image) to add it to your cart. What this often seems to do is present you with a variety of different sizes to choose from once you're in the cart.


Kathmandu Summit Club membership explainedFor anyone looking to save even more at Kathmandu, it's worth considering joining their Summit Club. Doing so means that even when there aren't any sales on, you can still get 20% off Kathmandu's own label of clothing/gear as well as 10% off all other brands (as club member discounts only apply to full priced items).

To join you'll need to pay a one off fee of $10 by either registering online or in-store. Summit Club membership is free for students as well as for people aged 60 and above. By the way, this one time payment is relatively new (as of March this year) as previously it required an ongoing yearly fee.

Another perk of the Summit Club is that for every $500 spent (not overly challenging at Kathmandu) you'll receive a $20 gift voucher which can then be used towards any future purchases.


Kathmandu iOS app screenshotThere's also a Kathmandu app which is essentially an electronic version of your Summit Club membership card. It allows you to do things like check your rewards program balance based on the amount you've spent with them. While the Summit Club FAQ states that currently there is only an app for iOS devices and that the Android version is being worked on, I did find their app listed on Google Play too.  Although judging by the reviews left, I suspect it's still work in progress.

On a final note, while perhaps from a bargain-hunters perspective you may feel like you often end up paying over the odds for gear at Kathmandu, the one advantage of this is that if anything ever goes wrong they'll usually just swap it out on the spot. This is in contrast to vendor products where reps are needed to inspect them, after which they'll need to be sent away for further inspection and warranty checks. This can often become a long and drawn out waiting game before you receive your original item/s back or getting the green light to pick out something new.


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