Is Paradise (Resort) Twice As Nice At A Lower Price?

The Paradise Resort on the Gold Coast is running another special promotion on bookings of five nights or more. We know what you are thinking as you read that – with the specials they always seem to have on, is there such a thing as a standard fee for them?

The answer to that is yes, and in short when they run deals like this one it’s great if you can take advantage of it.


So what's the deal?

Basically, the deal is 5 nights from (and the “from” part we will come back to) $795 for a family room. The deal is available from the start of May right through to the middle of December, meaning that they are not running this to just try and attract guests in those rare quiet moments the Gold Coast experiences.

Included with that fee is $100 in resort credits. Those who have been before will say “that won’t last long” with some of the prices inside Paradise Resort, but it’s better than nothing and in a worst case you could see it as a further $100 off your booking fee. For the kids, there’s unlimited access to the Kids Zone Water Park and one session per day at the Kids Club for each child, with one session usually being about 4 hours. On top of this, you'll also receive a set of vouchers giving you a total value of $180 in discounts. This comes in the form of a discount booklet which includes offers like buy 1 get 1 free on continental breakfasts and ice-skating passes, free wine with adult meals and so on.  


Any catches?

What are the catches, you are wondering. Well, looking at their schedules and dates available getting a booking at the “from” $795 price means you are lucky. If you book it and get a deal for around $900 - $1100, however, you are doing well. Most places that offer accommodation – in particular family rooms – are going to charge that as a minimum if that luck is still with you, with $1500 being more likely for a 5 night stay.


Any tips and advice on when to book?

The best tip to keep the price down to close to their base offer is to avoid Saturday night. Every Saturday is the busiest day at the Gold Coast, with the Paradise Resort being no different. A surcharge of somewhere from $60 - $100 will be applicable. Unless you really, really like crowds you will be doing yourself a favour avoiding the Saturday rush anyway.

Whereas the prices are not low to try and attract crowds during off-season, they’re also not lower during their peak times. A surcharge is also applicable for any booking between September 19 and October 5, as well as the October 24 weekend, so if you can avoid those dates do so.

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What's the accommodation like? 

As for the family rooms and what to expect, the best way to describe them is probably “serviceable”. They are some distance from 5 Star accommodations, but they are also far away from being 1 Star too. In essence, rooms and beds in Paradise Resort are designed to be comfortable, but the idea is you really only see them just before you go to sleep and then when you wake up. Going to the Paradise Resort and spending time in your room would pretty much be like going to Paris and sitting in the hotel instead of seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and what have you, which is to say pretty much a wasted trip. The idea of your room there is to be a base, not the purpose of the holiday.


What about getting there?

Speaking of travel, whereas this offer represents great value, it is so only if you are living along the East Coast. Somewhat frustratingly the price of travel within Australia still acts as a barrier to more families taking advantage of deals like this. Flights to Brisbane from Melbourne to take advantage of the 5 night stay would be just over $1000, with the same from Perth being close to double. If one of these deals could coincide with a good flights offer then maybe more Australians could experience the Gold Coast for themselves.

If the Gold Coast was one of the destinations you had in mind for a holiday then this deal from the Paradise Resort may well have just helped make up your mind. Whilst the Paradise Resort are known for offering good deals, it’s unlikely one as great as this will come around again anytime soon.

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