International Clothing Retailers Still Cheaper Than Local

We've been looking at the pros and cons of shopping internationally when it comes to kitting out your wardrobe and seems that if you buy your clothes from the UK, you're not alone in doing so.

Apparently ASOS, the UK retailer, sells an item of clothing to an Australian customer every six seconds, resulting in nearly 4 jumbo jets full of clothes, shoes and accessories being flown into Australia every day (according to this article).

Surely, that many people must be on to something, right?

Well, ASOS Australia has great value clothing, normally, and often have fantastic sales too. At the time of writing ASOS sales include a 50% off 50 things offer as well as 60% off work wear. These are often flash sales, lasting up to 24 hours, so they may be different by the time you're reading this, but there'll be something else soon enough.

On top of that, ASOS clothing can be yours with free shipping globally, and they also have 10% off for all students, irrespective of the country you live or study in. You just have to register with UNiDAYS on their site.

If you're not happy with your purchase, you will have to pay to get it returned to the UK, but you have 28 days to do so, which is huge and a much longer returns policy than the majority of other online retailers.

If you just can't wait 7 days for your clothes to arrive in Australia, there's currently an ASOS promo code for free express delivery on orders over $125, which should see your goods arrive within three days in metropolitan areas.  And of course, you can always check Buckscoop before buying to see if there is anything listed as a deal to help you find an ASOS discount on items.

Online retail giant has a similar story to tell. They used to supply high street stores, but decided to sell direct, and began importing into Australia last year. Boohoo Boss Mahmud Kamani believes that local shoppers have been paying too much for too long and set out to challenge the local price points, which he said were up to 200% up on what were charging. They have had huge growth in Australia in their first year, and expect that to continue.

One thing I really like about their online site is that it's tailored to Australia. You can search your products in dollars and there are discount codes and offers specifically for Australians, and it's even seasonally appropriate. It's pretty much an online Australian shop, just not located in the country.

And once again, you can find regular promo codes for too, reducing the prices even further.

Brands like Zara are actually opening stores in Australia, but for those that haven't quite gotten that far yet, such as Debenhams, Marks and Spencer and The Hut, at least they offer great shipping prices to Australia, often faster than buying something from the next town over, which is somewhat crazy.


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