Incredibly Clever Household Cleaning Hacks That You'd Wish You'd Known about Years Ago

Household cleaning is a chore no matter which way you look at it. It has to be done and it has to be efficient so that it takes up as little time as possible. Most of us work so the less free time spent on cleaning the house the better in my opinion. So whilst scouring the man made universe of the Internet I started to think about how the hell could I keep my place clean in the most cost and time efficient manner possible.

The more I began to dig around the more I found some marvellous tips and tricks that would help me accomplish just that. During my search I compiled a list of some of the best techniques that I could find to help me. But, because Im a nice guy, I thought I'd share them with you to help claw back both money as well as precious free time to be spent on the things in life that you love instead.


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Remove hard water stains with vinegar and paper towels











Clean and disinfect toys the simple way


Clean and disinfect toys the simple way











Old socks and vinegar are great for cleaning blinds

Old Socks great for cleaning Blinds
















Lemon juice removes water stains



Lemon Juice Removes Water Stains










Rid walls of greasy finger marks with chalk and a damp cloth

Rid walls of Greasy Finger marks with Chalk and Damp Cloth











Window cleaners are perfect for removing carpet hair

Window cleaners are perfect for removing carpet hair
















Organise sink cupboards with tension rods

Organise Sink Cupboards with Tension rods
















Remove carpet dents with ice cubes - ice melts, carpet swells, job done

Remove Carpet Dents with Ice Cubes











Jean stains removed with non-alcohol face cleansing wipes

Jean Stains removed with Non-alcohol face cleansing wipes











Remove oils stains on the floor with coca cola and a hard brush

Remove Oils Stains on the Floor with Coca Cola










Clean peculiar shaped bottles by filling them with raw rice, a little water and dishwashing soap then shake

Clean Odd Shaped Bottles


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