If You Can Make It To Perth's Good Food And Wine Show, Here Are Some Winning Wine Deals Sure To Impress

This weekend in Perth, The Good Food & Wine Show will be taking place (11-13 July) in the city’s Convention & Exhibition Centre offering a range of interactive culinary experiences. Theses include Riedel’s wine bar, wine theatre and glass tasting sessions for all those who like to indulge in wine and are interested in learning everything there is to know about premium reds/whites. It's also a great event to pick up tips and tricks on how to maximise the enjoyment from consuming them.

You can purchase general entry admissions online at a discount with Good Food & Wine Show promotional codes. Although, be aware that many of the themed programs are an optional extra meaning that they carry additional costs.


Looking at the sessions on most wine related seminars this weekend, it seems as though plenty of focus is being placed on quality Rieslings, world famous Barossa Shiraz wines as well as the region of McLaren Vale. Don't worry though if you're unable to attend, as another alternative is to skip the bustling crowds and do a little private wine tasting within the comfort of your own home. Something you're sure to enjoy even more once we show you where to get the best deals on some of the above mentioned top quality wines.   


To start off with, one of the most recent deals on Buckscoop was for a 6 bottle Shiraz bundle from First Choice Liquor. This $49 bundle includes both a McLaren Vale and a Barossa Shiraz, two bottles of each to be exact next to another two bottles of Shiraz’s produced in Coonawarra, another reputable wine region in Australia.


Moving on to what has been suggested as the best white grape there is, the Riesling is definitely one of the first choices for many connoisseurs when accompanying a creamy pasta or fish dish. Coming from an area known for prefect growing conditions for this type of grape, the 2011 vintage of One Serious Riesling by Domain Day winery scored 94 points on the Halliday scale. Although a deal was initially posted on this wine back in January, the offer is still available at WineMarket currently.

If it’s good enough for Mr. Halliday, it is a steal for us at just $8.25 a bottle - a total of $99 with free delivery for the case of twelve.


Pepperjack Shiraz 2012

To end this on a high note, lastly we have the 2012 Pepperjack which is an award winning Barossa Shiraz from a 5 star Halliday rated winery. It’s also this week’s special offer going for only $91.20 per case of six at Dan Murphys with free delivery to metro areas using their latest voucher code valid throughout July.

This is so far the best price we have seen on this premium Aussie red on Buckscoop, where we've had several deals on the 2012 Pepperjack Barossa Shiraz. Right now other liquor stores, including Winemarket, First Choice Liquor, Crackawines, oo.com.au and Liquorland are all charging between $123 and $180 for the case before added delivery charges.


FYI, the next and last stop of the Good Food & Wine Show this year will be held in Brisbane on the weekend of the 17th - 19th of October. Tickets are already available for sale online, however I would recommend that you to wait for a promotional code to appear as we've had general entry admission discount codes up on Buckscoop for all previous locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and now Perth.

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