How Tradies Can Help You Save On Appliance Delivery And Installation Costs

I’ve done a few posts on purchasing appliances online and looked at where you can find the best buys when you take into account factors like delivery charges and an extended warranty. Appliances Online ended up taking poll position with free shipping and removal of your old appliance in most cases.  This time I’ve done a little bit more research in the area of installation charges and come up with some pretty interesting finds on where you can get the best deal. The answer is a little surprising….


The Product 

I’ve picked a dishwasher to conduct this little installation experiment of mine because it’s a fairly popular item that requires at least some degree of technical know-how to get up and running. (Unlike say a fridge which would just involve plugging in and chilling out, pardon the pun)

I’ve picked the Bosch SMS50E32AU Dishwasher in particular because it was ranked among the top selling freestanding dishwashers at most of the online retailers I looked at, namely Appliances Online, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and Bing Lee. It is also has decent water and energy conservation ratings and a mid-range price tag of around $600++.


The Comparison

Basically I’ve looked at what it would cost to have this Bosch dishwasher delivered and installed.

Dishwasher delivery and installation comparison in Australia


Appliances Online has the lowest base price, and they offer free delivery so right off the bat it is cheaper to get it online from Appliances Online than to opt for in-store pick up at one of the other outlets. All three offer free in-store pick up.

Standard delivery refers to door-to-door delivery i.e from the store right to your home. Premium delivery charges include extras like unboxing, removal of unwanted package and removal of your old disconnected appliance.

When getting quotes on installation charges, it is important to note that charges vary depending on the type of dishwasher, whether or not you have existing plumbing done - this is because if there are existing pipes and drains for a dishwasher the installation is simpler and mainly involves connection work. If you have a new home or are installing a dishwasher for the first time there may be additional charges like cabinetry work or fitting pipes and drains. The fees quoted in this post represent the cost of installing a freestanding dishwasher with existing plumbing already in place. They also include the cost of drilling of access holes, hose fitting and extensions (if required).


The Results…

At first glance, it seems like you get best deal from Appliances Online, at $799 all in it is the cheapest price among all its competitors. But I’m not quite done yet, as there is actually one other option that is worth exploring - getting a tradie to do the installation. I checked out a few tradies and it seems to be a viable and economical option. 

Diswasher tradie installation cost comparison


Across the board we see that installation charges are lower than what the online retailers are offering. I’ve only looked at three Sydney based service providers who responded to my online queries pretty quickly. Chances are you can consult your local tradie for a comparable or even better quote. When I spoke to a couple of tradies, the general sentiment was that they would be willing to beat the installation charges offered by the online retailer, even if their charges were listed as being higher.  (This is where good bargaining skills will prove handy)

In addition, there are some tradies that offer a store pick-up service where prices often tend to be lower than what the online retailers are charging for delivery. So even if you got the dishwasher from Harvey Norman (instead of Appliances Online which has the lower price) and arranged for Sydney Appliance Installation to pick it up and install it, the total price would be $768. This ultimately makes it a better buy than getting the full delivery + installation package from Appliances Online.


Overall the good old tradie seems to be the way to go if you are looking for the best price.


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