How To Maximise Savings at Kathmandu During Their Free Shipping Stocktake Offer

Kathmandu has announced that they will be offering free shipping on all online orders until the 5th of September 2014. This comes as a result of their stocktake that is currently underway, which the company expects will cause delays to deliveries. An commendable approach, in my opinion, to keeping customers onside during this period.

To make the most of the free shipping, you'll want to combine it with items on the lower end of their pricing scale (aiming for $20 and below) as this maximises the savings you'll be making by avoiding the usual $10 delivery fee. That's not to say that there aren't other items currently on sale that don't offer good value too though.

Kathmandu is also still running their "up to 70% off" winter clearance sale in the outlet section as well as a 40% off sale for all Summit Club members. These both present opportunities to scoop up a bargain, which I'll provide examples of below.   


Microfibre Towel at Kathmandu

In the Outlet section, the first item worth a look is the microfibre towel (medium) which is selling for $7.99. These tend to cost around $10 - $15 at other stores before shipping charges. Another towel option is this Active towel for $4.99 made from quickDRY® fabric which allows it to absorb four times its weight in water. Great for the gym or stashing in your sports bag.

For runners or fitness walkers, Kathmandu have dropped the price on their mono bottle belts from $29.99 to $14.99.  It's not difficult to pay upward of $30 for similar belts from retailers like Decathlon, Wiggle, and other sports gear shops once delivery is included in the final price.

Sunglasses Talum Men at KathmanduThere are also a variety of cheap mens sunglasses available for only $15.99 which offer high sunglare reduction and good UV protection. A quick look at Decathlon revealed that their low cost sunnies are priced between $16 - $35, while over at Anaconda there was a single pair going for $8.99 however all others generally cost $29 - $49. Again, before shipping.


For anyone that doesn't know what Kathmandu's Summit Club membership entails, I previously wrote up a post about it which you can read here (draws comparisons between it and memberships from other outdoor clothing stores). In brief, it costs a one-off $10 to join and entitles you to a year round 20% discount off all full-priced Kathmandu merchandise as well as a 10% discount off other branded gear. Right now however, they're offering Summit Club members 40% off all full priced Kathmandu branded gear plus 20% off all other full priced gear.


ThermaPLUS 1/4 Zip Long SleeveTop Men

In this sale I found the ThermaPLUS long sleeve top priced at $29.99 for Summit Club members (vs $49.99 for regular customers). It's available in all sizes and comes in a choice of either black or blue with white trimming. This is pretty much what a no-name brand thermo top over at would cost. Everywhere else that I checked online you'd be looking at spending at least $70 or more, making this a great value option.

Kathmandu Mono V2 Tent There's also a good offer going on the Mono V2 tent (in sand colour) which is listed for $119.99. Its tunnel shaped design gives it a smaller footprint allowing it to fit into tighter spaces than what most dome shaped tents would be able to. Lightweight tents like this (i.e. weighing under 2kg) with a similar tunnel shape sell for at least $169.99 (Rays Outdoors), with prices ranging between $269 (Anaconda) and $449 (Mountain Designs) thereafter.



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