How To Get 4 x VIP Magic Pass Tickets At ThemeParks While Saving $159.99 In The Process have an interesting offer on at the moment where if you buy three VIP Magic Pass tickets by the 31st July 2014, you'll receive a fourth one free. However, to make an even greater saving on the purchase of the three required tickets, I'll show you how to use giftcards to get them at a discount.

Each VIP Magic Pass costs $99.99 and allows you to visit the Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast attractions as often as you'd like between now and the 30th June 2015. If anyone's interested, there's also the option of paying $20 more per ticket to get a Gold VIP Magic Pass giving you free entry to the Fright Nights and White Christmas attractions as well.   


This deal makes a lot of sense to those families who expect to visit any of the above mentioned attractions at least twice before the end of June 2015. To make the $159.99 saving mentioned in the title of this post, here's what you need to do. Firstly, grab the $10 off promo code from Buckscoop's Vouchers page by clicking on the Get Coupon Code button (which takes you to this ticket purchase page). You'll want to select the $50 digital giftcard option for two reasons: (1) this denomination gives you the biggest saving when applying the $10 off code (i.e. 20% discount) and (2) digital giftcards will be sent to you immediately, as opposed to having to wait for delivery of a physical card. I believe the digital cards take a few hours to activate though and it mentions on MyFun's site that it could take up to 24 hours. You'll need to purchase six of these cards which, after applying the promo code to, means you'll end up paying just $240 instead of $300 for them.


Next, head to the website to purchase the three Magic VIP Passes using your MyFun giftcards. There will be two ticket types shown for this option, so make sure you select the one that specifically says "VIP Magic Pass - Buy 3 and Get 1 Free". Effectively, for a family with two adults and two kids, you'll end up paying just $60 per person under this promo. And that's how you will save yourself $159.99.

i.e. MyFun promo code saving (6 x $10) + B3G1F ThemeParks saving ($99.99) = $159.99


Some of you may be asking yourselves how much value you're actually getting by having to fork out $240 upfront for this offer? Well, considering that for a family of four it's costing you $60 each for unlimited access to the relevant attractions over the next 11 months, all you then need to do is look at the standard prices of 1 day general admission tickets. It very quickly becomes evident as to how much you'll be saving compared to going just twice to any of the following attractions before the end of June next year if purchasing tickets separately for each visit:

* Movie World 1 day general admission: adult $99.99, child $69.99, pensioner $69.99

Sea World 1 day general admission: adult $89.99, child $69.99, pensioner $69.99

* Wet'n Wild 1 day general admission: adult $59.99, child $34.99, pensioner $34.99


 (note, a $4.95 booking fee applies to all online ticket orders at


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