Hottest Picks Of The Week

Here's this week's countdown of the top 5 hottest deals that have been posted up on Buckscoop.

5) 2 for 1 gaming trade at JB Hi FI

Starting off at number five we have this deal posted by kryptic that allows you to trade-in two games for one at JB Hi Fi. It’s a pretty interesting offer whereby JB Hi Fi has a list of games that they will allow you to trade in and a list of game you can pick from in exchange. One of the games you can pick up is GTA 5 which is pretty hot at the moment. Kryptic has worked out a way in which you can get games on sale from another site and trade them in for higher priced games at JB Hi Fi so if you are a gaming bargain hunter, I’d suggest that you check out this post.


Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E330 13.3" i5-3230M

4) $165 discount on Lenovo E330 Laptops

Next up we have a huge deal on Lenovo E330 Laptops courtesy of poster Captainjack. This promo code allows you to get laptops from the Lenovo E330 series for just $434. This one looks like a flash sale so you must make your purchase immediately!


12 bottle bundle of selected Sauvignon Blanc at First Choice Liquor3) $86.95 for 12 bottle bundle of selected Sauvignon Blanc at First Choice Liquor.

The third place deal for the week is a promotion at First Choice Liquor that entitles you to a bundle of 12 bottles of liquor for $86.95 inclusive of shipping. There are six different types of sauvignon blanc in the bundle and you get two bottles of each type. It is hard to beat a deal that offers you 12 bottles of booze at under a $100 and yet somehow this one is only at number three. Nevertheless it sounds like a pretty good reason to throw a party.


3 x Lacy Underwear at Bonds2) 3 x lacy undies for $30 + free delivery at Bonds

Taking second spot is this sexy scorcher from Bonds; you can three pairs of lacy underwear for $30 with no additional charge for shipping. According to the post, the same product would cost you over $50 at other outlets, so you can see why this deal has attracted a lot of hot votes. Bonds also has a deal on bras- you can get two at $50.


Extra 50% off on existing sale items at Katies (Entire outfit shipped for $42.35)1) Extra 50% off sale items at Katies

Our reigning champion for the week is an excellent deal on women’s clothing items at Katies. There is a promotion code on the vouchers page that entitles you to 50% off sale items. According to the poster, you qualify for free delivery if the items in your cart exceed $75 before the promo code is applied- so you get free delivery without actually having to spend a minimum of $75. Sounds like a winner to me.



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